We are pleased to announce the setting up of a new charity (Friends of Woodlands & Hill Brow).

I have been concerned for a while now, that some of our residents have had to move to other homes because they run out of money. Although our fees are highly competitive in the local market, if they have to rely on local authority funding to pay for a significant part of their care, the top up may need external support.

Though we do all we can to help in these situations, sadly the resident is not always able to stay with us. With this in mind, I would like to set up a Charitable Fund that helps support such families by creating bursaries for some of these residents.

I am happy to lead the contributions but need some help to make sure the money in the Fund is put to the best use. As I cannot be directly involved, I am looking for volunteers who can give up some time to help set up and run this charity. Do you feel passionate about helping these old people or do you perhaps know someone who would be prepared to help?

During this consultation period, we are keen to hear from you with your comments on the idea, whether you would be prepared to participate in any way and if you have any ideas on how we might progress with this.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Alison Lee
November 2009