At Hill Brow we like to know how our residents feel about their home, so we ask our residents to complete a six monthly questionnaire to give us their feedback:

Catering & Food

86% of residents are happy with the food and additional snacks provided.  The food presentation and the way the menus are planned and that mealtimes are relaxed, comfortable and at a reasonable pace. They were also satisfied with seating and table arrangements at mealtimes.

Personal Care & Support

100% of residents are satisfied with staffs’ manner and attitude when requiring help and that the home provides their needs and medical care with additional services when required.  89% of residents know who their keyworker is.

Daily Living

90% of residents are happy with their personal care such as washing, bathing, getting up and going to bed. They also feel the home help them to keep up with their personal interests and hobbies.  83% of residents said the home reflect their individual requirements such as religious or cultural needs.


89% of residents are satisfied with management involving both residents and relatives in the involvement of the home, and are satisfied with the management’s efforts to create a good atmosphere and discuss any problems.


83% of residents are happy with the facilities and amenities within the home, building,  grounds and  the general maintenance.


The things residents most liked about Hill Brow were the staff, the food and their room; they also feel that it’s very homely, warm, comfortable and hygienic home.