A beautiful poem written by Mr Flewitt, a resident at Hill Brow;


Who Cares?

Gone are the days of “I couldn’t care less”.

If that happened here I’d be in a mess!

Hillbrow – a home for the elderly of which I’m so proud,

The staff are all women –

Except just the one:

Efficient David from Georgia has come.

Helen is Manager, worth her weight in pure gold,

Deputy Debbie is kind, gentle, warm-hearted, not cold.

Katherine is my key worker sublime,

Taking care of my wellbeing all of the time.

Cuddly Maggie – I know what I’ll say, “Hello young man”, “Hello old girl, you’re a darling”.

Witty Tina is next, artistic and charming.

Hardworking Julia, dog lover of note,

If it came to the test she’d sure get my vote.

My clothes are looked after by lovely Tyrell,

While super fit Becky does the cooking so well.

“The Voice” I call Maya, from Poland she came,

How quickly she learned the laws of the game.

From Nepal Chauka has come,

A natural – happy, capable, seldom glum.

Fair haired Cody bends to speak face to face,

And loveable Emma works at her own steady pace.

Blonde Dawn has arrived, “Activities” is she,

With poetry, bingo, memory games and spelling bee.

Cheerful Sylvia, each Monday before noon

Brings duster and polish, to shine up my room.

Then there is Debbie the second, willing and able

She seems to enjoy serving at the table.

“What about us?” the night staff ask with a yawn,

“We’re on shift twelve hours, eight till morn”.

First there is elegant Lynie –

Looks cool in slacks or a pinny.

Second is Sue, what a dear,

Has worked one night a week for many a year.

Once I rang Jane for help and after,

She returned with a dressing and some sticking plaster.

Quiet Glynis of friends I’m sure she has many,

Shell talk to us all and dry tears, if any.

Lindsey, a follower of football – oh what a pity

It’s Liverpool and not Manchester City

Last is Shelley, by no means a poet

But a comfort to me if only she knew it.

Finally, at the end of my stay,

To my darling Marjorie I’ll say,

“Who Cares – THEY ALL DO”.