In August we’ve had a travel and destination themed month, which has given the residents the opportunity to talk about and reminisce about places they’ve visited.

Our first week was Indian themed. Residents enjoyed an Asian party at Hill House organised by our staff that dressed up in traditional dress and did some Asian dancing.

The second week was based on Italy, with pasta and Italian wine being sampled, and Italian themed quizzes and gamed being played.

The third week was American week. Jay, an American singer, came and sang some American rock and roll songs including songs by Frank Sinatra and Elvis. The residents really enjoyed the music and were up dancing and tapping their feet to the beat.   


Our final destination is Mexico and Latin America. We have a popular Mexican entertainer coming to perform for us at 2.30pm on Friday 30th August. Relatives and friends are more than welcome to come and join in the fun.

Over the month what has become really apparent is how well travelled our residents are, and how much they enjoy talking about their travels.


On the 9th August we held a party for Johanna Weber who celebrated her 103rd Birthday at Hill House.

The gardening club has been very popular this month and the residents have been enjoying the lovely weather in our beautiful gardens.