In May with the theme “Nature Month” our residents at Woodlands and Hill Brow have been busy enjoying another month of interesting, enjoyable and varied activities. Here are just a few things they have been up to;

At the beginning of May Residents at Woodlands have been busy planting up their new raised vegetable bed. They have planted a huge array of assorted vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, courgettes, and carrots to name just a few. We wait with anticipation being able to harvest our first lot of vegetables.



On May 15th Residents enjoyed a trip to Mrs Lee’s home for afternoon tea and cake on the patio. It was a lovely sunny afternoon where residents took time to relax, chat and enjoy Mrs Lee’s beautiful gardens.


Throughout the month Residents enjoy many activities within the homes such as Bingo, Balloon Bounce, Cards, Dominoes and Skittles. Skittles has become increasing popular over the weeks and Residents really look forward to participating as it offers a great amount of fun, conversation and often brings out their friendly competitive side!

On May 23rd Residents had a drive out to Frensham Pond where they enjoyed feeding the swans and ducks. Whilst we were there we lucky enough to see several cygnets, these were obviously a big hit with the Residents providing lots of smiles all round. It was a great morning, finished off with a nice cup of tea and a rather yummy shortbread biscuit in Frensham Pond Hotel.