We aim to deliver the highest quality care and service to our residents and their families, but we never underestimate the hard work and dedication of our staff and believe it should be acknowledged and rewarded.

The criteria for each award is set by the winner of the previous month’s award and may therefore not cover the reason you wish to give for your nomination.  Your nomination will be kept until such time as the appropriate criteria is set and then duly put forward for consideration.


  • Excellence in care rewarding outstanding efforts in caring for the residents
  • Outstanding servicenot just the care staff but any member of staff can be recognised for service excellence
  • Working above & beyond duty – for those who you feel go the extra mile in whatever job they do in the home
  • Resident’s safety – for someone who has put forward or implemented improvements that reduce any risk to the residents safety
  • Flexibility – for someone who is always willing to step into the breach when needed and who puts themselves forward without any fuss or reward
  • Innovation – for new innovative ideas that improve life in the home or that produce savings and efficiency
  • Environmental savings – acknowledging the ideas and efforts to save energy and recycle
  • Cost savingsfor anyone who make savings to their budget or who introduces cost-saving initiatives without compromising the care or service to our residents or to the business

These categories are here as guidelines.  You may wish to put forward a nomination that does not fit any of the above.  That’s fine – just complete the form giving your reason.