If a member of staff or resident or visitor is involved in an accident, steps must be taken to minimise further injury to themselves or bystanders.


1.         Call the Manager or a senior member of staff on call who is a qualified first aider.


2.         Whilst awaiting arrival of trained person, the following checks can be made on the casualty.


            Any obstruction over head, face, around the neck or in the mouth – e.g. false teeth and glasses should be removed.


            Check that the casualty is breathing.  If he/she is experiencing difficulty, place your hand under his/her neck and the other on his/her forehead, pressing the forehead so that it is tilted backwards and pushing the chin upwards.  This will lift the tongue forward making it easier to breathe.


3.         If further assistance is required, contact resident’s doctor OR by dialling 999 –say which service is required:


(e.g. Ambulance, Police) and give TEL. NO.  01252 850236 – Hill House

  01252 850236 – Ext 311 Hill Brow

  01252 613880 – Woodlands

When Emergency Service answers give full address:




            Hill Brow EPR                         Hill House Nursing Home         Woodlands EPR174 -178

            Beacon Hill Road                   Beacon Hill Road                        Reading Road South

            Ewshot                                    Ewshot                                       Church Crookham

            Farnham                                 Farnham                                    Fleet

            Surrey   GU10 5DB                Surrey GU10 5DB                     Hampshire GU52 6AE



4.         Indicate type and seriousness of accident.  In the event of a heart attack, ask for special aid.


5.         Make as comfortable as possible, with use of pillows and blankets. 


6.         A member of staff to be ready to direct Ambulance personnel / doctor to casualty.


7.         All staff to read “Advice on Treatment” and know where the First Aid Box is kept.


8.         For relevant incidents, The Care Quality Commission Outcomes must be notified within 24 hours.


9.         A Regulation 18 and RIDDOR should be sent if the resident’s injury results in a stay of over 24 hours in hospital.  This also applies to staff if taken to hospital even if their stay is over 24 hours.


10.       If it is felt appropriate in an emergency, a senior member of staff should call an ambulance immediately if there is going to be a delay in a doctor visiting.


11.       If a resident is being transferred to hospital, a photocopy of their Transfer Form should be filled in ready to give to ambulance personnel.  Information can be found in resident’s personal file.  Copy

of medication to be sent with them.