June has been another very busy month for activities, celebrations and trips out. This month’s theme was “Fruit and Flora” and so Residents have been looking at art with flowers, quizzes involving fruit and flowers as well as fruit tasting and smoothie making. They have also enjoyed many more walks in the garden thanks to the better weather, as well as taking part in a Bollywood inspired dancercise with Annabel Brash at Hill House. 19th June 2015 042 19th June 2015 043 19th June 2015 044


Here are just a few other things our Residents have been up to during the month.

On Friday 5th June Residents from Woodlands joined Residents from Hill House for a trip out to Badshot Lea Garden Centre. Residents really enjoy visiting this garden centre as they love looking at all the wonderful displays of flowers and plants. Residents also really enjoy visiting the Aquarium part of the garden centre with its wonderful array of colourful fish, as well as seeing all the other smaller animals and reptiles. After a wonderful relaxed walk around the garden centre, what better way to finish a lovely morning than visiting the restaurant for a nice cup of tea and a fresh cream cake!

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Friday 12th June saw Residents from Woodlands and Hillbrow take a trip into Fleet for a spot of shopping. Residents took a leisurely stroll through the shopping centre, popping into some of their favourite shops to pick up a few essentials. We ended a wonderful morning out with a cup of coffee and our usual slice of rather yummy Victoria sponge. 19th June 2015 035 19th June 2015 037

During the evening Residents enjoyed a trip up to Hill House for a wonderful summer concert by the Carillon Singers. Residents enjoyed a really fabulous performance yet again by the really talented Carillon Singers and could be heard singing along to some of their familiar songs. After their performance the Carillon Singers joined Residents for a glass of wine, a bite to eat and a good old chat about how much they had enjoyed the evening. HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 223HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 230HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 234HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 253
On the 19th of June Hill House hosted NAPA open day, which is a day when care homes across the country opens their doors to the community. It is about connecting people and aims to remind people that care homes in every community are filled with unique, intelligent and charming characters, and run by special people that really do care. During the afternoon five teams from across all three homes joined together to compete in a staff talent competition. Residents got to enjoy a wonderful, colourful and funny array of talent from the staff which included sumo wrestling, cheerleading, beach towel surfing, Zimmer frame horse racing, and synchronised air swimming!!
All the staff did a truly great job entertaining the Residents and visitors and there were many happy smiley faces and lots of laughter during the afternoon. The competition winners were our very own “Woodlands Olympians” for their interpretation on Synchronised air swimming. Well done to all those that took part, it was a really great afternoon and shows what true team spirit is and of course what great staff we have. 1471338_10206975127274245_3897961946157759713_n10411020_10206975126754232_367970375673256103_n11156304_10152958165548302_3159707102904093989_n11233078_1448002305520402_9083016676361893730_nIMG_0176

On Friday June 26th Residents had a Fruity Friday where during the day Residents got chance to take part in many different fruit tasting activities. Residents spent the day making and tasting real fruit smoothies as well as learning all about different types of fruit, and where they originated from. Residents got the chance to pass the fruit around and talked in depth about the interesting textures, colours and smells of all the different fruits, as well tasting them all. It was a really interesting and very interactive day which was great fun but also helps to show how important good diet, nutrition and hydration is to all of us. Woodlands July 2015 007 Woodlands July 2015 016 Woodlands July 2015 019 Woodlands July 2015 020


On Monday 29th June Residents from all three homes were invited to a Tea dance at Robert May School. It was a really wonderful afternoon with entertainment provided by the pupils from the school which included a choir, dancing and music from the 1940s. The pupils then served Residents with a great afternoon tea with a fabulous variety of sandwiches and cakes. Afterwards Residents got the chance to show off their dancing skills by joining the pupils and teachers on the dance floor. It was a great opportunity for our Residents to meet and spend time with people from the local community and of a very different generation. We would like to thank Robert May School, its staff and pupils for all their hard work for such a great afternoon. Woodlands July 2015 023 Woodlands July 2015 025 Woodlands July 2015 030 Woodlands July 2015 031 Woodlands July 2015 036 Woodlands July 2015 044 Woodlands July 2015 054