The theme for July was “World Cruise”, Residents have had the chance to virtually travel around the world and learn about different countries as well as having a taste of some traditional foods from those countries.


Residents started their cruise here back in the UK reminiscing about British summer holidays and talking about all the different places they have visited. It was then onto Europe, travelling to Spain, Italy, France and Poland. Residents sampled some French cheese and wine, croissants as well as Polish Cheesecake. Next stop was Nepal where Residents got chance to learn all about its culture and magnificent landscape, tasted a Nepalese style biscuit called “Nimkin” and got to watch some beautiful traditional Nepalese dancing. Last stop was the good old USA, where Residents enjoyed an American style movie afternoon with popcorn and an American party with singer. Residents have also enjoyed some lovely walks around our gardens with thanks to some better summer weather. Here are just a few other things our Residents have been up to:

On Friday 1st July, Residents from Woodlands and Hillbrow enjoyed a lovely morning out to the Tweseldown Pub. As usual it was a relaxing morning filled with smiles, laughter and lots of chatter over a nice drink in their favourite local, arriving back home in time for a ‘fish and chips’ lunch.


Badshot Lea Garden Centre was the port of call on the morning of Friday 8th July. Residents enjoyed a relaxed stroll around the garden centre enjoying all the beautiful flower displays, finishing off in the café with a nice cup of tea and some chocolate chip cookies. Later in the afternoon Residents travelled up to Hill House to enjoy a traditional good old-fashioned ‘Knees Up’ with Jenny, singing some traditional British songs. It was a great end to our British seaside themed week with Resident’s singing along and dancing the afternoon away.

Badshot Lea Singing HH

During the evening of Tuesday 12th July, Hillbrow were host to our Charity Quiz night. Resident’s, family and staff from all three of our homes joined together for a fun evening with food, drinks and a raffle to raise funds for our amazing charity “Families Supporting Care”. It was a well fought competition with the ‘No Hopers’ taking the winning spot. Well done to all who took part! We would like to thank all those that attended and for their continued support throughout the year.


On Wednesday 13th July, Residents from all three homes got together at Hill House for their usual monthly ‘Singing for The Brain’ afternoon. The wonderful Barbara Raynor got all the Residents singing and moving along to some fun songs, it really is a great afternoon for all the Residents, and they always look forward to these sessions.

Fleet was the destination on Friday 15th July, with Residents from Woodlands and Hillbrow enjoying a morning out shopping in the Hart Shopping Centre. Residents enjoyed a stroll around the shops to pick up some essentials before finishing off in their favourite café “More Than Coffee” for a well-earned cup of tea and coffee, and of course a nice slice of Victoria Sponge!

On Wednesday 20th July, Residents from Woodlands and Hillbrow were invited out by the Fleet Lions for an afternoon country drive, stopping off for a cream tea mid-afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for a drive through the country, making our way to the Country Market in Kingsley. Residents enjoyed a lovely walk around the centre, with so many displays of food, ornaments, plants and craft items to see. They stopped off in the restaurant for their afternoon cream tea, which was made even better, as they were able to sit and enjoy looking out onto some beautiful countryside. It was an amazing view! After tea, Residents enjoyed a walk around the aquarium, which was full of a large variety of different and colourful fish, before enjoying another lovely drive through the country as we made our way back in time for supper. The Residents had a really great afternoon out and we would like to especially thank the Fleet Lions – Graham and Brian, for such a wonderful treat.

July 2016 011 July 2016 016 July 2016 021

Residents enjoyed a trip up to Hill House to celebrate all things Nepalese during the afternoon of Friday 22nd July. They were treated to a virtual guide of the famous landmarks and culture of Nepal, and also had the chance to watch some traditional Nepalese dancing. It was lovely to see the Nepalese staff from across our homes wearing the most amazing colourful costumes and performing some really magical dances. Residents then got to enjoy a traditional Nepalese style biscuit called “Nimkin”, which was a little moreish! It was a really great and colourful afternoon, which the Residents said, they really enjoyed.

DSC02851 DSC02888

On Wednesday 27th July, during the afternoon, Residents joined together in the lounge for a traditional movie afternoon. They chose to watch a Laurel and Hardy movie whilst enjoying wine, milkshakes, popcorn and crisps. It was a lovely relaxed afternoon, they said, they really enjoyed and looked forward to the next one.

July 2016 053 July 2016 055

Our world cruise came to an end on Friday 29th July with a trip to Redfields Garden Centre in the morning. Residents enjoyed a lovely walk through the flower greenhouse with so many colourful flowers to see all in full bloom. Then we had a drink in the café with some lovely shortbread biscuits before arriving back in time for lunch.

July 2016 060

During the afternoon, Residents took a trip up to Hill House for an American themed afternoon party. George provided the entertainment by singing many well-known songs by American singers such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Residents really enjoyed the afternoon with lots of singing and dancing, and some impromptu country line dancing as well. It was great afternoon and a great end to our virtual cruise around the world.

DSC02934 DSC02936 DSC02937