Woodlands started off the New Year with a new face planning the activities. Hayley has joined the Woodlands Team from one of our sister homes, Hill House. She will continue to provide the exciting and varied daily programme set up by Pip along with a few new added extras.

Cooking club remains as popular as ever. Becky our Head Chef has joined the club, ‘apparently’ in the search of a new kitchen assistant!!

Residents assist with the preparation for the evening meals making pizzas, apple turnovers and icing cupcakes for tea.

As a special treat for the friends and families attending the quarterly Charity Quiz Night the cooking club sent up some homemade goodies including some 1970’s cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks.

Knitting club has moved to a Tuesday morning to enlist the added expertise of Sonia one of our volunteers. Many a laughs and banter have been shared at knitting club, unfortunately at my expense due to my limited ability with two needles, but under the expert tuition of our lovely ladies, I have now cast on my first row of stitches and knitted three rows. Sylvia our knitting guru is currently stitching together the squares to make up our 4th blanket to be donated to the homeless.

Residents enjoyed a bit of competition with a game of skittles. It was great to have some new faces joining in the activity. Congratulations to Jean Smallwood on the only strike of the game celebrated by a wonderful victory dance!


The 25th January bought a Scottish flair to Woodlands with a “Robbie Burns” celebration. They dined on Scottish Haddock, tatties and neeps followed by some delicious scotch pancakes with a whiskey cream. The entertainment included some poetry, quizzes and Scottish music, followed by a “wee dram of scotch” and some delicious shortbread handmade by the cooking club.

Our ever popular Friday morning trips have continued to be a success with visits to The Wyvern Pub, Redfields Garden Centre and The Emporium in Fleet.

To keep our residents active, “You don’t use it you loose it”, we decided on a gentle ball bounce in the lounge. Little did we know, we had some keen footballers amongst the ladies and staff alike resulting in a rather lively football skills display and heaps of laughter.

We are all looking forward to Shrove Tuesday Pancake races and tossing, and an exciting Valentine’s celebration in February.