On Sunday 18th March we all woke up to the beautiful winter scene of six inches of snow.

The roads were treacherous as the gritters had been out but the snow ploughs had not. Motorists were slipping and sliding everywhere with numerous motorists stranded by the roadside.

At Woodlands and Hill Brow we did not have one member of staff not make it into work. This is due to their commitment to our residents and the hard word of our maintenance team, in particular Phil Bishop.

Phil repeatedly took out our minibus to pick up and drop off staff members who were stuck, starting from 6.30am and not finishing until 9pm. In between driving he also helped Ernie Field clear all of our car parks of snow and ice.

In the process of coming up Beacon Hill he stopped and helped three drivers that were stuck and stranded also. As well as Phil’s driving of the minibus, other members of staff with four wheel drive vehicles volunteered to help pick up members of staff.

At Woodlands and Hill Brow we are particularly proud of our staff’s dedication and the lengths they went to in coming in to work in the snow.

Well done to everyone.