After a very busy Christmas, full of family and festivities the residents all settle down to the new year getting back into their favourite activities, golf, knit and natter and word search, hangman, Bingo and quiz’s.

On the 2nd January we heard some uplifting poems during our poetry reading club and long with tea and biscuits and in the afternoon, there was a lot of laughter during their chair dancing session.

Friday the 4th, we had our usual visit to the Wyvern Pub, where we are always greeted warmly with our choice of tipple.

On 9th January the residents enjoyed a visit from Alison’s and her pygmy goats. The residents enjoy to hold and feed them. They are very soft and loved to be stroked and made a fuss of.

Iris waiting to feed one of the goats.

Daphne says you can’t help but smile with them, they are so sweet.

Herbert has the right idea, we call him the goat whisperer.
On the 9th we all joyed in to sing and wish Joan a Happy Birthday. The cake was delicious and we followed this with a lively game of bingo.

On 11th January we were entertained by singer Mike Burley, with some wonderful sing a long melody’s. Some of the residents even got up for a dance.

Mike and his keyboard.


Our residents were also accompanying him with their maracas.
On Saturday the 12th we had film club, the residents love the old classic, with popcorn of course. Another favourite is flower arranging, which we did on the 14th. Having fresh cut flowers around the home that the residents have arranged is lovely to see.

On the 16th we had our monthly residents meeting and in the Evening, we had music and wine in the lounge. Which was a great time to chat and catch up. We were joined by some family and friends.
The 18th we were joined by Bright Horizons Day Nursery, Elizabeth arranges for crafts and games the residents can join with the children.
On 24th January we travelled to our sister home, Hill House, to watch the Rock Choir perform.

Members of the Rock Choir who performed for us.

Iris even got Elizabeth up on the floor for a jive.
On 25th January we celebrated the birthday of the famous Scottish poet Robbie Burns and decorated the lounge with flags from Scotland.

We had a game of Word Association where the residents and staff came up with a total of 82 words in the time given that started with the letter ‘S’.


We were also joined by Laura, Elizabeth, Debbie and Alison who presented our lovely chef Becky with the extremely well-deserved Employee of the Month Award.

Ann, Iris, Peter, and Kath (below) attended Hill House to join in the Robbie Burns celebrations.


Peter couldn’t help but tickle those ivories when faced with the grand piano at Hill House.


Ana-Marie, the Activities Co-Ordinator for Hill House, dressed the part.


Tom, our resident Scot was joined by his daughter and he looked very dapper in his tartan tie.


Ana-Marie and Tom discussed which is the best whiskey to celebrate with.

Iris, Ann, and Daphne waiting to sample the shortbread and whiskey on offer.

Elizabeth was wooed by Peter and his piano playing skills.

Ann, Jackie, Iris and Ana-Marie posed after the final dance off.

We finished off the month with some lounge games Bingo and Quoits and social activities including, Hangman, Balloon Bounce and Tea and music in the lounge.

Enjoying tea and music in the lounge.
The men team up for regular Bingo.