On the 1st February we christened a set of Giant Connect Four, this epic battle between Iris and Kath went on for some time. While Andras and the residents gave their advice.

4th a lively game of Balloon Bounce gave everyone a chuckle. This was followed after lunch by our afternoon film club.

On the 6th February we brought out the Giant Jenga, all the residents joined in to try and keep the tower from toppling. It was very tricky work but thoroughly enjoyable. We also had a Valentines quiz with prizes up for grabs.

On the 8th we had our trip out to the Wyvern. Everyone chats over their tipple of choice.

February 12th we welcomed a new Reverend to the home. Reverend Steve Franklin came over and gave us all communion. He gave an interesting service that was enjoyed by all the residents.

This was followed by music and puzzles in the loung.

For Valentines visited Hill House to watch the beautifully talented Aglika sing some opera for us. Before each song her partner explained the story behind it, which made them even more moving. We were joined by our friends for cake and refreshments afterwards.

On the 15th our residents were joined by our friends from Hill Brow at Badshot Lea Garden Centre. We all enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee and a few small cakes and afterwards had a wonder around and looked at the animals.

On the 18th after the normal clubs of knitt and knatter and the boys club. We all enjoyed a game of Bean Bag Tossing. The highest score wins. Everyone did extremly well.

Mavis took her time to eye up the goals and used a wise new technique of folding over the bags to help get them through the holes.

20th February saw an exciting events in our February calendar – Jordy bought in his Birds of Prey known as “Wings of Freedom”.

He introduced Sparky to the residents and took him around, so they could see him up close. He told us all about how he came to rescue him. He also answered all of our falcon related questions.

Our final guest was Bert, the Tawny Owl, who was very soft and sweet.

The Old Emporium was the pub of choice this week on the 22nd. Everyone is very welcoming.


On 25th February we had the amazingly cute and well behaved PAT dog called Connie and her handler Helen. We went around the lounges and introduced everyone to Connie and then went around the rooms to those who couldn’t come down, to make sure they didn’t miss out.

Daphne loved giving Connies a cuddle.

On the 26th after our cheese and wine social the carers brought in some hula hoops to show off their hula prowess. Even Iris had a go.

On 28th February Becky involved the boys in a bit of Cooking Club where they made cheese and bacon wraps. After the had been cooked they went down a storm.

Herbert and Jack in full swing.

We capped off the month with a game on the Giant Crossword Board which kept the residents guessing. It was a definate team effort to complete the board.