The garden is still blooming at Woodlands. We take the chance to get out in it as often as the weather allows, to wonder around the paved paths or just sit out and read the paper, as we soak up the last of the summer rays.

On the 1st Rodney came to sing for us in the afternoon. He as a large range of songs and encourages us to join in and sing along.

Tuesday the 2nd we all did some baking and cupcake decoration which we then shared around so we could all enjoy them with a cup of tea.

On the 5th The King Singers with their beautiful harmonies and folk songs came and did a set for us.

It was a lovely day on the 6th so we enjoyed some time out in the gardens, going for walks, reading and or playing games and doing puzzles. It was lovely!

For our pet therapy session on the 7th we had a very friendly springer named Connie and her owner Helen. Connie loves to be stroked and fussed over and she always brings a smile.

On the afternoon of the 8th after our morning physio and exercises with Rebecca we had a quiz in the lounge.

In the morning, the preparations were in full swing for our annual Thank You BBQ for all of our Health Care Professional Heroes that come in to our home. We had a great turn out in the afternoon and were joined by friends and family too.

Monday the 12th Nikki taught us how to juggle, which some residents were really quite good at.

In the afternoon we did some Pom Pom Arts and Crafts and these are our finished items.

Keith Turner one of our regular entertainers came over on Tuesday the 13th.

Di Ruddick took us through our paces with an armchair dance class. It was so much fun and she got everyone to join in.

On Thursday the 15th is was another lovely warm day so we choose to do our flower arranging class out in the gardens.

In the afternoon Louis came and played the piano for us and then we all had a sing along session too.

On the afternoon of the 16th we had a trip out to Hill House to visit with our friends and have a catch up. The Jonti Duo performed a very energetic routine.

Mike Burley came and sang for us on the afternoon of Monday the 18th. This included a selection of musical instruments so we could join in on the beat.

Tuesday the 19th we started the day with our exercise class and this time it was a ball game with actions. It had us in fits of giggles.

On the 20th we played indoor basketball, before going on one of Becky’s Mystery Tours.

In the afternoon of Friday the 23rd we had a trip up to Hill House for Emma H Sings. During Emma’s show we enjoyed ice-cream with toppings from the whippy machine in the lounge.

We did some reminiscing on the 26th with “Y Olde Sweet Shop”. It was such fun to choose from flying saucers, sherbet lemons, pear drops, humbugs, blackcurrant liquorice, rhubarb and custard etc. It was a great conversation piece and we spent the afternoon making our way through our chosen bag.

Mario the Goat game to visit on the 27th. He is just so soft to cuddle.

On Wednesday the 28th Becky took us on one of her trips out to the Princess Hall Tea Dance. There were refreshments and lots of dancing to enjoy.

Kath and Ronnie got the highest score on the ball bounce game on Thursday. They had respectable scores too.

David W sang and played guitar for us at Hill House to top the month off on Friday the 30th!