There was still plenty of chance to be in the lovely garden courtyard and enjoy the Indian summer, doing puzzles, playing board games, chatting with family or going for a stroll along the paths.

The month started with a relaxed morning of tea, papers and socialising in the lounge. In the afternoon we had Louis play the piano for us. He always gets us joining in for a sing along.

Tuesday the 3rd after balloon bounce in the lounge in the morning. Connie and Helen visited everyone in the home for PAT the dog.

We had a competitive game of Ball Tossing on Wednesday the 4th in the morning. In the afternoon we had game of name that tune and Reminiscence items to chat about over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Every week we receive fresh flowers delivered to the home and our lovely ladies get together and make up the arrangement which are then placed around the home.

In the afternoon of the 5th we had an award winning (so we thought) total for our Word Finder game!

On Friday afternoon of the 6th we had the last of our Summer BBQ’s for this year. It was a very pleasant afternoon and the home and gardens were full of guest, friends, family who joined the residents for this enjoyable event.

It was a busy week from the 9th of September! We had our annual seaside trip to Southsea. We had great fun walking down the parade, looking around the arcades and then sat down to a wonderful fish and chip lunch.

Tuesday morning Nicky took us through our paces with our giant crossword.

In the afternoon Stacey came to entertain us. She has a lovely voice and is very theatrical when she sings.

Wednesday the 11th ,the residents and carers had their one to ones. This is a great time to really bond and enjoy each other’s company.

In the afternoon one of our favourite, regular entertainers Mike Burley did a session for us.

Physio Rebecca took us through a chair exercise routine on Thursday the 12th. In the afternoon we had board games and short stories in the lounge.

On Friday there was a Boys Club trip to the pub, with a chat over a pint and crisps.

Monday the 16th after tea and papers in the lounge. The weather was lovely so we had some walks in the garden and then a game of bean bag in the lounge.

On the 17th Peter played a fantastic selection of tunes for us on the piano. It is always great to sing along to the songs we love.

We all celebrated Joyce’s 90th birthday on the 19th. It was a lovely cake for an amazing lady.

With the Indian Summer we’ve had we are still enjoying time, games and puzzles in the garden.

In the afternoon we had a trip out and up to Hill House for a Magic Show and a catch up and chat with our friends.

Monday the 23rd our exercise of choice was balloon bounce. This always brings out a giggle or two.

On Tuesday the 24th, Connie visited with her owner for a pat the pet session. She is just such a lovely clever dog.

The Cooking Club was in fine form with some delicious cupcakes to have with a cup of tea in the afternoon. On the 25th.

We played games including Quoits in the Lounge on the 26th. A game where everyone can join in.

In the morning of the 27th our exercise was using the parachute. We really enjoy teaming up on this.

In the afternoon we had a trip out to Hill House at watch a show from Nev and Claire.

We have several Rugby fans at the home so when the World Cup is on there is a lot of reminiscing about scrums and games from the youth. Come on England!!