Coming into October the weather started to turn so the board games and puzzles had to be inside. Puzzles are one of the most enjoyed pastimes of our lovely residents and is a great time to chat and socialise.

On Wednesday the 2nd we had a competitive game of bean bag toss. The object of the game is to get the highest score with the least number of throws. Everyone gets to have a turn.

Our lovely Louis came and played for us on the 3rd. He played a selection of tunes and got us all to join in for a singalong.

Friday, we went on one of our regular trips to visit friends at Hill House, where Terry Owens toe tapping production is a regular event.

Even though the colder weather is drawing in, we can still see wildlife visiting the wonderful gardens at Woodlands. In the last couple of days, we have had regular visits from a Heron and a very busy squirrel.

For our Monday morning movement activity, we choose Ball Bounce.

On Tuesday the 8th we visited our beautiful local church and had Tea & Cakes with Reverend Franklin. The Reverend gave us an interesting tour of the church and explained many of its beautiful features.

In the afternoon the very sparkly Sophie performed for us in the main lounge.

On Wednesday the 9th our regular song master Mike Burley-wood tinkled the ivory’s and sang for us.

Once a week on a Thursday, we receive buckets of beautifully fragrant fresh flowers to the home. These are then arranged by our gardening and flower club members and laid out around the home.

On Friday the 11th we gathered up at Hill House for a catch up and a natter with friends before watching their VIP performer Billy.

Monday the 14th the delightful Connie and her owner Helen visited as part of Pet Therapy. Connie is so well behaved and she just loves a fuss.

Our dedicated Andras was a worthy winner of Employee of the Month. His prize was £100 voucher along with a certificate and a trophy. Well done Andras!

On the 15th our Cooking Club did a brilliant job of decorating biscuits which were thoroughly enjoyed with our cup of tea in the afternoon.

The Knitting and Natter Club were in fine spirits on the 17th, working furiously on gifts to be ready in time for Christmas. Not that long to go!

One of our regular Crooners Gareth performed for us on the 18th. He has a lovely tone and is very charming.

Monday the 21st started with some armchair aerobics. This class always brings out a giggle!

For Arts and Crafts Club this week we chose pencils as our medium. We have some very talented residents.

Families and friends are always welcome at Woodlands and throughout the day there is a constant stream of visitors.

Wednesday the 23rd we had an excellent round of Bingo as well as word search and giant crosswords.

The Boys Club had a trip out to one of our locals the Wyvern Pub on Thursday. For a pint and crisps while putting the world to right.

On Monday the 28th we started our Halloween preparations in earnest. We did however have to try a few of the treats just to make sure the were up to scratch.

Our lovely physio therapist Rebecca comes in every week to put us through our paces. She is so good with the group and we really enjoy her classes.

To finish off the month, Woodlands celebrated Halloween in style, with relatives and staff bringing in their children to visit. There were lots of games like apple bobbing and treats for everyone. Thank you to everyone to helped make it happen it was a brilliant fun evening!