There has been so much going on at Woodlands this December. Along with the normal trips out, quizzes, games and entertainers, we have had a jam packed additional Festive Programme too with arts and crafts, social events, visitors and so much more!
The lovely Sarah kicks of the Christmas Spirit on the 2nd with some of our favourite festive tunes.

Connie the pat dog popped around for a visit on the 3rd. She loves the fuss and we love her. She almost always turns our conversation to our previous much loved pets.

For Arts and Crafts on the 4th, our very clever residents made a collage of the Christmas story. With the shepherds, sheep, 3 wise men, Mary, Joseph, Jesus in a Manager and of course the guiding star!



On Friday the 5th one of our favourite singers Gareth came to sing at Woodlands. He has an excellent tone and selection of songs.

On Monday, everyone was very excited to be going on our annual trip to the Panto! This time to see Jack and the Bean Stalk at the Princess Hall Aldershot. The cast put on a fabulous Panto every year.

Tuesday morning the 10th for our Morning Movement Class we chose armchair aerobics. This class is a lot of fun.

Portia performed again for us in the afternoon, after lunch.

After dinner, when it was dark, we took a trip in the mini bus to look at all of the lights. It is amazing what people are now doing.

Terry came to sing for us on the 11th. The ladies especially like him as he sings all the old crooners and he is in the habit of handing out yellow roses.

In the morning we had our weekly trip to one of our local pubs, the Tweseldown. We have a drink and put the world right over some crisps.

On the 12th the staff all wore Christmas Jumpers and did activities along with our other homes to raise money for Families Supporting Care. They also put on their annual Christmas performance which was very amusing.

Friday the 13th, not unlucky for us. We had a trip around Redfields to see all of the amazing Christmas displays.

Monday the 16th we continued making our Christmas Decorations. These Christmas trees made from old magazines are so sweet.


Tuesday the 17th we took a trip up to Hill House to meet with friends and watch the Carillion Singers. We all joined in the carols.

Wednesday morning Mike Burley one of a long time regular entertainers did an extensive set of Christmas songs and carols.

The 19th, Fiona brough in Alison’s cute Pigmy goats. They love to be fed cut up vegetables and their absolute favourites grapes.


In the afternoon of the lovely care staff did a sing along with us. Followed by Sherry and Stollen Cake.

On Friday we had our Woodlands Christmas Lunch. The kitchen staff excelled themselves with the delicious food and Santa paid a visit with a sack full of gifts for us.


In the afternoon the Jonti Duo performed at Hill House, it was our final show before Christmas.

Monday started a little more relaxed as our very talented Peter played the piano for us. It was nice to catch up with friends and talk about our plans of the Christmas period.


On Christmas Eve in the lounge we had the story “The night before Christmas” which as very well done by the King Singers.


Christmas and Boxing Day was filled with trips out to visit with family and friends. The home was full of families, friends and visitors. There was a wonderful Christmas spirit! Thank you to all of the staff for all of their care and kindness shown.

After such a busy few days we enjoyed some peace and quite with some boardgames and finishing off the last of the festive food.