On Monday we did our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly. We incorporate a lot of their recommended exercises into our exercise programme and this time we followed one of their online sessions now available due to the lockdown.

Tess getting very active – she loves the chair-based exercises.

We also did a memory activity based on the old proverbs in use in the English language. During the afternoon in the lovely sunshine we were able to enjoy tea, lemonade and other soft drinks in the courtyard whilst we did a picture quiz. We also reminisced and looked at some old fashioned games we used to play.

Iris, Elwyn, Peter, Beryl, Len, Diane and Helga doing the games picture quiz.

Residents were interested in the Solitaire game.

Beryl stylish in a summer hat!

On Tuesday 19th. May we reminisced about the Chelsea Flower Show (having to be virtual this year) and the Queen’s patronage of the RHS and her favourite flowers. We also played a a flower themed Hangman game and had a word search based on ‘Chelsea Flower Show’

During the afternoon and continuing with our horticultural theme we arranged the fresh flowers alfresco and planted out our lettuce seedlings and flowers that have been coming up. Some of us enjoyed the shadier and cooler area for tea next to the raised garden bed.

Sylvia arranging some lovely pink blooms.

Kath T. admiring the sunflowers.

Tess loved arranging the flowers!

Margaret V. too!

Sylvia and Kath demonstrating their ‘green fingers’ as they planted out our seedlings.

Iris with the all important watering job!

‘3 for tea’ (Sylvia, Diane and Kath T.) in a shady and cooler corner of our garden.

On Wednesday 20th. May we did our chair based exercises and then a ‘What Am I’ quiz that ended up with us reminiscing about all sorts of things from stone hot water bottles to red telephone boxes and everything in between. On an exceptionally warm afternoon we enjoyed the giant crossword on one of the lovely green and shady lawns of Woodlands (the courtyard garden was too hot even in the shade!) Here we enjoyed mulling over the clues as we watched the butterflies and bumble bees flying amongst the flowers and listened to the birds singing in the leafy trees. We also enjoyed choc ices, cold drinks and the mandatory tea and biscuits. Even Sho-Sho the homes cat joined us!

Peter, Ann, Len and Edith enjoying the choc ices!

John enjoyed the garden.

Sylvia with Sho-Sho

Diane enjoyed the sunshine.

On Thursday 21st. May we played ball games and skittles and had tea in the garden with a quiz during the afternoon.

We took delivery of a brand new BBQ and Ken was very interested in helping assemble it with Tom one of the Maintenance team.

On Friday 22nd. May we were active with our ‘Love to Move’ exercises and the great British quiz and then during the afternoon we enjoyed a sing-a-long with instruments in the sunny courtyard garden. Some of us also had our hair cut, washed and styled.

Mollie did the hand exercises.

Joan had her hair done and loved the result!

Kath T, Ken and Elwyn enjoyed the sing-along.

Ann with percussion bells.

Len and Peter love a sing song!

On Saturday 23rd. May we enjoyed a piano sing-along and ‘Foodie’ quiz before lunch. Then in the afternoon we listened to poetry featuring some poems as researched and requested by residents. This inlcuded ‘The Fly Hover’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins for Joyce and ‘The King’s Breakfast’ by A.A Milne for Tess who is able to recite it word for word!

It was also Muriels’ Birthday and after seeing with safe social distancing her daughter she enjoyed a cosy Birthday celebration with everyone singing Happy Birthday to her, lots of cards, presents, flowers and a lovely cake made by the home.

Blow hard Muriel!