On Monday 1st. June we started the week energetically with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly.

This programme combines the use of basic gymnastic foundation skills, with cognitive stimulation therapy and some social interaction activities. We now regularly do this programme on alternate days and it is fair to say that during the last 9 weeks those of us that do participate regularly are improving their fitness which is good to see.

During the afternoon we were able to once again enjoy being outside on a very warm day but sitting in the shade with cold drinks and sunhats. We enjoyed puzzles and various board games including Frustration, Boggle and Jackstraws.

Ann, Iris and Tess did jigsaws.

Jill, Margaret, Daphne, Kath and Sylvia were boggled by ‘Boggle!’

Cocktails were the order of the day for Jill on a very warm afternoon!

Diane and Len kept their cool despite playing ‘Frustration!’

Joan enjoyed a cool drink.

Daphne and Kath tried their hand at Jackstraws.

Diane learnt ‘Solitaire’

On Tuesday 2nd June the Woodlands Residents meeting took place and Alison updated everyone on the latest policy regarding the corona virus and testing programme for all staff ongoing. As well as this we were asked our opinion about food, menus, activities and services like the hairdresser that is currently suspended. The flowers were delivered and arranged by some of us following the meeting.

During what turned out to be a very warm afternoon indeed we loved having Woodlands very own ice-cream parlour visit us! See the Menu we enjoyed:

Woodlands Ice cream Parlour arrives!

Angela’s choice was ‘Strawberries and cream’ flavour!

Elwyn chose lemon sorbet flavour.

Joan enjoyed salted caramel flavour.

Mary Rose loved the ice-cream.

Joyce enjoyed a bit of every flavour in her sundae!

Ice cream vendor hard at work with made to order ice cream sundaes!

Later that day we learnt a little about the history of ice cream, including Agnes Marshall the English lady who became known as the ‘Queen of Ices’ after she invented a hand cranked ice cream making machine.

On Wednesday 3rd. June following the ‘Love to Move’ exercise programme ‘Smiffy’s Stop and Shop (hosted by staff members Becky and Zoe) visited for the first time. The shop allowed us to purchase items we needed including bags of sweets, toiletries and tissues. This will be a regular weekly feature and we thought it was a great idea as the lockdown means we can’t have services like the WRVS shop come in for the time being. Suffice to say there was a roaring trade!

June is National Candy Month, so during the afternoon and following on from the sweet shop visiting we learnt about Cadburys it’s history and products. We even sampled their latest new product ‘Darkmilk’ chocolate which we loved!

Later some of us also worked upon our scrapbooks.

Tess remembering past events in her personal scrapbook.

Aram chatting 1:1 with Muriel.

On Thursday 4th. June we enjoyed ballgames and the ‘Coin a Phrase Quiz’ with one of the carers then in the afternoon we watched the film club film ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ with popcorn.

Friday 5th. June was ‘Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner Day’ with an all-day London theme. We started with our ‘Love to Move’ exercises then learnt about some of London’s famous people of the past Robert Peel to Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. Then we were brought right up-to-date with a look at London’s top 10 iconic buildings.

Mollies’ Dad (of whom she is very proud of and always speak about) was in the Metropolitan Police founded by Robert Peel a famous Londoner.

Residents were surprised at London’s current skyline full of very modern buildings and skyscrapers.

During the afternoon we celebrated our London themed day with London Beefeater gin, London beer, pickled cockles, anchovies and caviar on crackers as well as carrot cake apparently a very traditional English cake. Some of us tasted a ‘G and T’ for the very first time and laughed at some of the ruder phrases in Cockney Rhyming slang before we had a good old East End sing-song with everything from ‘My Old Man…’ to Underneath the Arches’

Kath originally from North London with the Beefeater Gin

Alison popped in and lent a hand preparing the caviar and crackers!

Jill with Kath. Jill was trying her very first ‘G and T’ and it made her giggle!

Angela’s favourite tipple is a ‘G and T!’

Caviar, pickled cockles and anchovies!

Ken samples the caviar on crackers

Cheers Ken!

On Saturday 6th. June we had fun with the ball target box game and skittles, then in the afternoon we enjoyed the giant crossword with tea and biscuits.

Peggy concentrating hard.

Edith’s aim was true.

Mary was a good shot!

Sylvia was competitive!

Jill was good at this game and was second overall in this and the skittles.