On Monday 8th. June we enthusiastically started the week with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly. This was followed by Woodlands Hangman one of our favourite cognitive activities which we are very good at!

Len doing arm mobility exercises.

Finger dexterity exercises with Tess.

During the afternoon some of us demonstrated our culinary skills with some cupcake decorating in the Cookery Club. The fruits of our efforts we enjoyed with our afternoon tea later that day.

Kath, Sylvia and Tess cupcake decorating.

Peter decorating cupcakes, said he’d really enjoyed doing something he’d never done before!

Kath and Sylvia soon got a cupcake production line going !

Iris and Ann helped out too!

John the Birthday boy loved decorating the cupcakes

All ready for afternoon tea!

Birthday boy John with his very own special Birthday cupcake!

Later some of us reminisced and worked upon our personal scrapbooks.

Len enjoyed recalling past activities and events.

On Tuesday 9th. June we welcomed back Denise the hairdresser to the home and many of us had our hair done. Denise will be now be coming regularly on a Tuesday. She only does hairdressing in our home.

Muriel looking lovely after having her hair done!

Kath pleased with her new hairstyle.

During the morning we enjoyed a lively balloon bounce and also arranging the fresh flowers.

Ray reached out!…..

And Jill and Peter also enjoyed the game!

The amazing flowers delivered fresh every week for us to arrange.

Kath puts her floristry skills to the test.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a new Woodlands Music Club featuring different composers and types of music. This afternoon we learnt about the life of one of the most well-known composers Beethoven and listened to his most famous works including Symphony No 5 and The Moonlight Sonata. A lot of us have been asked about our favourite composers and these will be featured in future sessions.

On Wednesday 10th. June the chiropodist visited us all and we recalled some more well-known proverbs in our ‘Coin a Phrase’ quiz. During the afternoon we had an enjoyable ‘What Am I’ quiz where we looked at everyday objects from the past and modern everyday objects. Everything from a ‘wash dolly’ to a high tech electronic fly swatter!

What can it be thought Ray!?

It looks just like some sort of racquet thought Sylvia and Kath!

Arthur with an old fashioned fizzy pop bottle with marble known as a ‘Codds’ bottle

Mary was fascinated with the fluorescent light up dog collar for night time walkies!

It’s a giant sink plunger thought Len!

Sylvia demonstrating the wash dolly.

Tess was fascinated by the old flat iron.


On Thursday 11th. June we enjoyed ball games and a ‘Famous Couples’ quiz. Then in the afternoon we participated in the giant crossword before some of us worked on the VE Day Scrapbook.

Mary Rose playing with the beach ball.

Ann enjoyed the game.

Tess and Peter working on the scrapbook.

Diane looking at the VE Day Scrapbook.

On Friday morning 12th. June we did our chair based exercises, before reminiscing about fairgrounds including the famous Nottingham Goose Fair and advent of steam powered fairground attractions.


Beryl loved the carousel and remembered going to the fair.


After lunch we were invited to ‘Woodlands Village Fair’ complete with coconut shy, hook-a-duck, hoopla, tin-can alley, bean bag toss, raffle, candyfloss and even a mystical fortune teller!

Many of has our fortunes told and enjoyed playing the old fashioned fairground games, before sampling candyfloss (some of us for the very first time!) and all of us won something in the raffle afterwards. We really appreciated the effort the staff had made to make it a fun afternoon even though it was staged indoors as it was raining out in the garden.

‘Madame Angelica’ our mystical fortune teller.

Iris having her fortune told!

Kath hooked the very first duck!

Len tried his hand at tin can alley as Ann and Iris watched.

Angela loved the candyfloss!

Tess enjoyed throwing bean bags at Jay Jay!

Mary was brilliant at the coconut shy!

Diane tried her hand at the hoopla.

Jill was good at the bean bag toss and hooked a duck!

Kath was good at the tin can alley too.

Look at the concentration on Kath and Sylvia’s faces!

Joyce loved the candyfloss!

Ken tried his hand at hook-a-duck

On Saturday 11th. June we enjoyed Louis playing the piano for us for a lively Saturday morning sing-a-long as well as watching the Trooping of the Colour on TV (a much smaller ceremony due to the pandemic) in honour of our Queen’s official Birthday. During the afternoon we enjoyed a Royal Quiz.

On Sunday 12th. June after a busy week we relaxed with a pre-dinner sherry social and in the afternoon our film club with popcorn.