On Monday 15th. June we started the week with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly. This was followed by ‘Whatever the Weather’ quiz, folklore and reminiscence discussion about the British preoccupation our weather. This was very fitting as during the weekend before we learnt the UK had experienced a lot of storms including no less than 15,000 lightning strikes in just 4 hours, which goes to prove the point again that our weather is indeed still unpredictable!

Tess and Kath always participate enthusiastically in the chair-based exercises!

During the afternoon we managed no less than 101 words in our ‘Weather Forecast’ word search. Following this some of us made 3 d rainbows for our display table during arts and crafts.

Sylvia and Kath got creative!

Iris was pleased with her rainbow.

Kath thought rainbow eyebrows were fun!

The finished rainbows complete with fluffy clouds!

On Tuesday 16th. June some of us had our hair done, we enjoyed a balloon bounce. We celebrated ‘British Flower Week’ by arranging the fresh flowers into no less than 7 vases, and enjoying a quiz all about flowers.

Elwyn’s son suggested he arrange some flowers during a facetime call so he did!

It was Mollies’ Birthday and she was keen to arrange some flowers for herself!

Mary always loves flower arranging.

Some of us had our hair washed and styled/set by Denise and were very happy with

the results.

During the afternoon we did some work in the garden but had to rush indoors when it started to rain. Evelyn allowed fellow residents to retreat out of the rain via her room and there she then hosted an impromptu tea party. The ladies were soon chatting to each other and making friends.

Sylvia tending our lettuces before the heaven’s opened!

Evelyn’s impromptu tea party!

On Wednesday 17th. June the day started with our chair-based exercises and this was followed by a virtual trip to Ascot. We learnt about the history and very royal origins of Ascot, followed by a specific look at the history of fashion associated with this world-famous equestrian event. The ladies loved modelling some lovely Ascot hats and we enjoyed a quiz about racing, famous jockeys and Ascot itself.

Helga in an Ascot hat!

Joyce chose one to match her outfit and recalled her very first job before nursing which was in a milliners. Mary loved her hat complete with veil!

Evelyn loved the hat she was wearing but wasn’t sure about the ‘Full English’ hat!

During the afternoon we enjoyed a sing-along with instruments. Aswell as watching a live race at Ascot and colour therapy.

Margaret enjoyed her percussion accompaniment.

Tess colouring a racehorse.

On Thursday 18th. June we enjoyed ball games with the carers, the ‘Old proverbs and Opposites’ quiz and during the afternoon we watched the film ‘My fair Lady’ with the famous Royal Ascot scene.

On Friday 19th. June we celebrated all things Colombian and Spanish with a whole day devoted to these 2 countries! Once again we were busy first thing with our chair-based exercises and then learnt all about the country of Colombia ahead of our Colombian inspired lunch cooked by Yulieth one of the staff who is Colombian as well as Becky the Chef.

Becky and Yulieth in Colombian football colours ready to cook Colombian!

Arm Exercises!

Talking about Colombia.

Margaret liked the Colombian beach.

The Menu for the day:

Residents even sampled fried plantain on the side with the rice and chicken dish.

Daphne tucked in!

Margaret really enjoyed her Colombian lunch as did Diane!

In the afternoon we learnt about Spain in more detail and enjoyed fresh tapas and sangria whilst enjoying some Colombia music and dance. Many of us were soon joining in trying to dance the salsa!

Ann was one of the first to get up and want to dance!

Tess loves to dance and Len doing a ‘Seated Salsa!’

On Saturday 20th. June the residents enjoyed skittles and quoits during the morning and then they enjoyed a quiz in the afternoon.

On Sunday 21st. June it was Father’s Day and all the men of Woodlands that are Fathers came together for their very own special celebration. Recognising that families can’t visit in the way that they’re used to due to the corona virus we asked families to send in pictures of themselves for their Fathers to see and enjoy on the day. These we combined with a lovely Father’s Day Poem called ‘Star Dad’ which we presented to all our resident fathers with a gift from Woodlands of a bottle of craft beer, fudge and wine gums. Our Woodlands Fathers received these and enjoyed a get together and celebratory drink of beer, sherry, wine or soft drink in the Pink Lounge. They enjoyed music by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, and laughed at some funny Father’s Day Quotes. A prayer for all Fathers was also shared. The men really appreciated their own special morning and talked and reminisced fondly about their own Fathers.

After roast beef with all the trimmings for the Father’s Day Sunday lunch followed by delicious home-made apple pie, all the residents then enjoyed a Father’s Day themed quiz before participating in the giant crossword.

Drinks and Fathers Day Gifts all ready for our Woodlands Fathers!

Elwyn with Father’s Day cards from his family

Peter received a wonderful shirt!

Len with pictures of his family and Grandsons!

George with picture of his son and looking at the poem

Harry and Peter were both very pleased with their gifts and poem/pictures!

Ken loved the picture of his son, recalled his own Father and raised a glass!

The Fathers toasted each other and all Fathers!