On a lovely sunny Monday morning 22nd. June we started the week with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly.

Kath, Ken and Len doing leg mobility exercises on Monday morning.

Following mid-morning coffee we then participated in the ‘Coin a Phrase’ quiz recalling old proverbs and sayings.

Kath, Sylvia, Len, Peter, Tess, Arthur, Ken and Diane enjoyed the quiz.

During the afternoon we enjoyed a ‘June’ themed quiz in our lovely courtyard garden, sitting in the shade with cool drinks and choc ices on hand. Some of us finished the day by enthusiastically helping to weed and tidy the raised bed and transplant the sunflowers from their pots to the bed during gardening club.

Len and Tess busy in Gardening Club

Len, Tess, Sylvia and Kath potting out the sunflowers.

All done, our lettuces growing very well are in the background!

On Tuesday 23rd. June we played ball games and quoits and some of us had our hair done by Denise the hair dresser. We also had a quiz.

Margaret and Mary enthusiastically participated!

Ray and Tess found they were good at quoits!

During the afternoon we enjoyed arts and crafts in the garden, making ‘Sunflowers’ for our Summer display table.

Sylvia wielding her paintbrush!

Peter, Sylvia, Patricia, Gill, Kath, Iris and Tess all made sunflowers.

On Wednesday 24th. June we were busy during the morning again with our chair-based exercises , before a few rounds of Woodlands Hangman. We also all finished signing the completed thank-you card for Heatherside School. Junior pupils whose parents are key workers sent us letters of kindness during lockdown and we have been busy working on a big thank you card to them. This card includes an invite back to them to visit us at Woodlands when it is safe to do so.

Joyce and others participating in the arm exercises.

Beryl enthusiastically taking part!

Kath and Diane signing the Thank you card.

Gill with the letter she wrote to ‘Harry’ a Heatherside pupil and the finished Thank you Card with rainbow coloured silhouettes of residents’ own hands.

During the afternoon of the hottest day so far this year, we found the shadiest spot in our lovely garden and worked together on a creative poem acknowledging the fact Wednesday 24th. June was in fact National Writing Day. Creative writing by the elderly has been proven to boost self-esteem, increases positive social engagement and reduces stress and anxiety.

We brainstormed some ideas and took our cue from our surroundings. See our finished Poem ‘Under the Sycamore Tree’ to follow;

The ‘Creative Writing Team with ice lollies!’

Peter in the garden enjoying the shade and cool drink!

Brainstorming for the poem!

Under the Sycamore Tree

Under the sycamore tree,
Is a lovely place to be,
Serene and peaceful,
Enhanced by a gentle breeze.

A green canopy surrounds us,
A blue sky above,
A scene of tranquility,
A spot in the garden that we all love!

Summer is here,
The days are long,
Nature is at its best now,
Can you hear the blackbird’s song?

The days will soon be shorter,
The winds they will blow cold,
But the memory of the Summer
In our hearts we’ll always hold!

Written on ‘National Writing Day’ 2020 by Sylvia, Kath, Diane, Iris, Tess,
Peter and Len sitting under the sycamore tree at Woodlands on 24th. June 2020


Our inspiration the Sycamore tree we sat under!

Kath with lolly!

On Thursday 25th. June we had the fresh flowers delivered so were busy arranging six vases of flowers during the morning.

Kath and Iris arranged a vase

Ken tried his hand at flower arranging.

Patricia and Evelyn arranged a vase each for their own rooms.

On another very hot afternoon we sought shade in the garden under the trees for the Giant Crossword activity.

Crossword in the cool shade of the garden!

On Friday 25th. June we did our chair-based exercises first thing the coolest time of the day as still so warm, before reminiscing about Vera Lynn her life and influence during the War.
Len recalled seeing her at the Metropolitan Theatre Edgeware Road London with his parents and as a young boy thought she was amazing. We learnt about her life and then did a wordsearch managing a very creditable 90 words from ‘We’ll Meet Again’


During the afternoon we paid tribute to Dame Vera Lynn with a special tribute tea party in the garden in the lovely sunshine – although we of course were well shaded. As it was ‘National Cream Tea Day’ we enjoyed scones, jam and clotted cream as well as victoria sponge. We enjoyed listening to clips of Dame Vera’s famous radio show ‘Sincerely Yours’ as part of a quiz, before singing along to her most well known songs, ‘We’ll meet Again’ and ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ The afternoon concluded with a prosecco toast to her life.

Margaret, Peter and Diane toasting Dame Vera Lynn.

Residents enjoying a cream tea party in honour of Dame Vera Lynn.

Gill enjoying her prosecco cream tea!

Residents sang ‘We’ll Meet Again’ with gusto!

Evelyn really enjoyed the sing-a-long!

Angela toasting Dame Vera Lynn!

On Saturday 27th. June Peter played the piano for us all and we enjoyed a sing-a-long. In the afternoon we had a quiz with the carers. On Sunday 28th. June we enjoyed watching the film ‘War Horse’ with popcorn.

Maestro Peter played for us all!

Daphne loved the music!