On Monday morning 29th. June we started the week as usual with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly.

Sylvia, Kath, Margaret and Peter showing how it should be done!

After a very energetic morning, during the afternoon we enjoyed a quiz with the carers.

On Tuesday 30th. June we enjoyed some ball games during the morning and then the monthly Resident’s Meeting with Alison. In this meeting Alison updated us all on the forthcoming window and garden visits now available for our loved ones.

We also talked about the Summer menu and activities during lockdown.

During the afternoon we enjoyed Poetry Club followed by Music Club.

The featured composer was Tchaikovsky and we listened to music from Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker as well as the famous 1812 overture.

Tess catching the ball!

On Wednesday 1st. July we were once again doing our chair-based exercise programme.

Over the weeks we have now regularly been participating we find we can do more of the exercises than we used to be able, they are becoming easier for us to do and our stamina has very much improved overall.

Diane (multi-tasking!) and Gill doing the exercises and having fun!

Len busy with the arm exercises!

During the afternoon we enjoyed the Giant Crossword activity and worked upon our VE day 75th. Anniversary scrapbook.

John choosing pictures for the scrapbook.

On Thursday 2nd. July we enjoyed a lively balloon bounce, arranged the flowers and enjoyed a word search. During the afternoon we watched the film ‘Wimbledon’ during Film Club accompanied by popcorn.

Beryl with a very big balloon!

Edith enjoyed the balloon!

Iris joined in.

Margaret busy with the flowers.

Joan enjoyed arranging a vase herself.

On Friday 3rd. July we started the day with our chair-based exercises, ahead of a day devoted to all things Wimbledon and tennis. This would have been half way through the championship proceedings under normal circumstances.

Ken enthusiastically participated in the leg exercises!

During Friday morning we managed a very creditable 103 words in our Wimbledon wordsearch!

After lunch we enjoyed a quiz about Wimbledon it’s history and tennis generally. Quite a number of us used to play and enjoy the game so we really enjoyed the quiz.

Peter with picture of Andy Murray

Ray used to go to the Wimbledon Championship.

After the quiz we enjoyed glasses of delicious Pimms and lemonade as well as strawberries and clotted cream in true Wimbledon style whilst reliving last year’s Men’s Singles Final on the TV.

Joan loved the Pimms!

Kath and Diane with their strawberry treats!

Len and Daphne enjoyed the traditional Wimbledon fare.

We watched last year’s Wimbledon Men’s Singles final

On Saturday 4th. July we celebrated American Independence Day with an American word search, quizzes and sing-along. We also enjoyed a balloon bounce and skittles. We had American style lunch of hotdogs and New York cheese cake. As well as this Louis very kindly played the piano for us, that helped make our American sing-a-long extra special!

Ken and Kath had fun with the punch balloon!

Elwyn had fun with the balloon and the skittles!

Kath and Iris tried their hands at the skittles.

Tess was soon up playing percussion and dancing!

Margaret kep’t in tune with the maracas!

Beryl enjoyed the piano sing-a-long!

Our 4th. July Menu:

Patricia and Sylvia sang together!