On Monday morning 6th. July we started the week as usual with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly.After this we continued with our ever popular ‘To Coin a Phrase’ quiz based on all the old proverbs in the English language.

Margaret, Tess, Elwyn, Iris, Kath and Diane all doing so well on Monday at the exercises!

Joan and Lillian both participated.

During the afternoon we enjoyed a sing-along with the instruments

Sylvia, Kath, Iris and Len were in good voice!

Singing and clapping along!

On Tuesday 7th. July we enjoyed a quoits and skittles challenge and then Woodlands Hangman which had a chocolate theme as it was World Chocolate Day.

John concentrating hard on the quoits,

Margaret looking on.

Muriel tried her hand!

Peter was the overall winner with a combined score of 270 for the quoits and skittles!

The very first milk chocolate bar made by J.S.Fry & Sons called ‘5 Boys’

Mary enjoyed the chocolate treat!

Angela tucked in!

Beryl loved the marshmallows!

On Wednesday 8th. July it was time to move again with our chair based programme, followed by a lively ‘Opposites’ quiz.

During the afternoon we enjoyed a sensory quiz and facts all about our sense of smell. In our ‘Follow Your Nose’ quiz we tried to identify 15 different food and household items purely by smell. This included everything from curry powder to beeswax polish and ripe stilton cheese!

Arthur trying to identify fennel with it’s distinctive aniseed aroma.

Lillian recognised the aroma of chocolate in drinking chocolate.


Elwyn trying to distinguish garlic!

On Thursday 9th. we enjoyed some ball games and then were busy with a quiz and arranging the fresh flowers. For a change the men were encouraged to participate and seemed to relish doing something different they wouldn’t have normally joined in with!

Peter getting floral!

Ken with gerbera.

Len busy with the blooms!

Ray tried his hand at flower arranging.

Evelyn busy with the flowers.

During the afternoon it was the weekly Woodlands Film Club with popcorn. This week we enjoyed watching the famous musical ‘West Side Story.’

On Friday 10th. July we started the day with our chair-based exercises then exercised our brains with a quiz all about the month of July.

Margaret doing her best!

Iris and Tess doing leg and ankle exercises.

…and lower back exercises!

In the afternoon we were excited to have the famous racing pigs visit us at Woodlands for our very own special ‘Pig Derby’ Residents even had ‘Pig pounds’ for which to place bets and there were prizes and certificates for every winner.

With each race the value of the bets increased and one of us even got our own wallet out in order to try and put money on one of the pigs! It was a fun afternoon where our competitive streak was evident, as well as a keen desire to have a flutter soon became apparent!

Gill, won 2 races with her pig (as selected randomly from a draw before hand) and was soon rich with pig pounds, whilst Tess, Diane and Mary also won races. The final ‘Pigs Might Fly Championship’ was eventually won by Evelyn’s pig ‘Peppa’ Her prize was a bottle of sherry as well as the £34 pig pounds!

The start of proceedings!

Happy race goers, Lillian, Ken,
Elwyn, Len, Gill and Patricia.

They’re off!

Excitement builds!

Finishing line insight!

Happy smiling double winner ‘Jammy Gill!’

Tess with her winning pig Babe!

Mary, Peter, Kath and Evelyn enjoying the action!

Elvis Pigsley wins!

Diane collecting her winnings!

The ‘Pigs Might Fly’ Championship final!

Evelyn with her winning pig and all those ‘Pig pounds!’

On Saturday 10th. July we enjoyed a balloon bounce before being entertained by Louis on the piano for a uplifting sing-a-long.

Lillian enjoyed the balloon bounce!

Ken concentrated hard on the singing.

During Saturday afternoon in the bright sunshine we found a shady spot to enjoy the giant crossword!

Tess, Sylvia, Kath, Iris, Peter, Len enjoying the ‘Giant Crossword’ activity alfresco!