On Monday morning 9th. July we started the week positively with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly.After this we enjoyed a word search based upon ‘Arc De Triomphe’ (as it is Bastille day tomorrow) managing no less than 100 words, which even went to 2 whiteboards!

Libby (Trainee Activity Coordinator) encouraging Ken to do the exercises.

Beryl joined in with gusto!

During a very sunny Monday afternoon we sat in our lovely courtyard in the shade and enjoyed a game of musical bingo with cold drinks and later tea and biscuits for those that wanted it. Most participants managed to get a bingo line during the game so also won a chocolate treat as a prize!

Ann, Iris, Sylvia, Kath and Len played and sung along to the musical bingo activity.

Joan played musical bingo.

Gill and Kath trying hard to win!

Peter played musical bingo.

On Tuesday morning, the 14th. July we celebrated ‘Bastille’ or ‘National Day’ as it is known in France with an all things French quiz. We enjoyed pain au chocolat with coffee mid-morning and sang ‘Sur le Pont D’ Avignon ’aswell as enjoying music by Edith Piaf.

Iris with picture of the famous Palace of Versailles

On Tuesday afternoon it was the annual NAPA talent show at Woodlands which for this year was based on a 1950’s theme. As the clouds darkened (it did spit a few drops!) staff of Woodlands performed a song and dance routine to ‘Singing in the Rain!’ the famous musical from the era, complete with umbrellas and even water from a hosepipe. This was followed by a lively dance sequence to ‘Rock Around the Clock!’ where even residents were soon joining in with the dancing. The directors Alison and Jo were in there and watched and videoed the performance ready for the judging later.

Daphne ready with her own umbrella and lyrics!

The judges and residents looking on as the performance started!

Debbie the Homes Manager even danced for us!

Off with the macs and onto Rock n’ Roll to Rock Around the Clock!

Jay Jay, Yulieth, Becky, Sally-Anne, Angela, Kirsten and Bev

Reimond, Becky, Yulieth, Jay Jay, Debbie and Angela.

Then it was the resident’s turn to join in!

Debbie with Evelyn rock n’ rolling!

Woodlands team performance cast. We learnt later that we had come joint first overall!

Afterwards we enjoyed a glass of wine, beer or Pimms in the garden as the sun came out!

Iris, Margaret and Kath.

Helga looking lovely after just having her hair done.

Mary likes a glass of red wine!

Ken larked about!

Sylvia and Evelyn are good friends.

Kath raised a glass looking lovely in her floral outfit.

Arthur and Ray enjoyed a beer in the afternoon sunshine.

Joyce also looking lovely after being to the hairdresser enjoyed tea in the garden.

Later that day some of us worked on our photo scrapbooks.

Muriel with Libby choosing photos.

On Wednesday 15th. July the chiropodist visited us for our monthly check up, meanwhile some of us got active with the chair based exercises. Later we participated in the ever popular ‘Coin A Phrase’ quiz.

Daphne, Mary and Helga doing arm exercises with Libby.

Gill worked out!

During the afternoon we enjoyed learning about the life and music of Chopin in Woodlands Music Club.

Chopin is Daphne’s favourite composer.

Later in the day some of us worked again on our photo scrapbooks.

This activity helps us reminisce and remember activities we have participated in and serves as a record for when our loved ones can eventually visit again.

Sylvia and Libby.

Arthur recalling events in his scrapbook.

Mary surprised to remember that she had created this!

Ken working on his scrapbook.

On Thursday 16th. July we enjoyed a balloon bounce, a word search and got busy arranging the fresh flowers.

Joan and Ann with Libby.

Angela and Ken with Libby.

John and Libby.

‘…Ant’ suffix word search

Iris busy with the flowers.

Margaret arranging a pink themed vase.

Tess, Margaret, Iris and Kath.

Kath, Evelyn and Tess busy amongst the blooms!

Angela enjoyed this activity too.

During the afternoon we enjoyed the Giant Crossword and some of us were busy with our photo scrapbooks.

Kath sorting through photos in the garden.

Libby with Gill working on her scrapbook alfresco.

On Friday 17th. July we played the applebox ball game and quoits, before enjoying a few rounds of Woodlands Hangman.

Joan concentrating on her aim.

Ann playing quoits.

During the afternoon we enjoyed watching ‘Les Miserables’ the film musical with popcorn in our film club and some of us worked upon our photo scrapbooks.

Libby helping Daphne with her scrapbook.

Harry worked on his scrapbook.

On Saturday 18th. July we enjoyed Louis playing the piano and a lively sing-a-long, then in afternoon a tea and quiz in the garden.