On Monday morning 20th. July we started the week with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly.

Iris, Margaret, Ken and Len busy doing their exercises!

Muriel participated well!

Beryl doing leg exercises!

Sylvia, Iris, Margaret and Ken all concentrating hard on the moves.

Then we did a ‘DIS’ prefix quiz and managed a very creditable 101 words!

During the afternoon we enjoyed a Musicals First Liner quiz which featured 10 of the most well-known musicals along with You Tube clips of the key songs which we were soon all singing along to!

Beryl and Iris enjoyed the musicals reminiscence.

Tess harvested the Woodlands grown lettuces for our supper!

And our sunflowers our growing blooms!

We also celebrated Ken’s Birthday with a wonderful cake made by Becky our chef.

Ken blowing out his candles!

On Tuesday 21st. July we enjoyed a balloon bounce and then remembered Neil Armstrong, the first man who walked on the moon 51 years ago today on 21st. July 1969.

Mollie enjoyed playing with the balloon

We enjoyed a space quiz and facts and were also interested to learn about the latest mission to Mars ‘Space X’.

Margaret was very interested in the photograph signed by Neil Armstrong.

Residents also watched the original footage of the final minutes of the Apollo 11 countdown and the historic moment where Neil Armstrong actually stepped onto the moon.

Lillian was very interested in the space theme.

During the afternoon some of us made 3’d stars and we all enjoyed listening to Holst The Planets Suite.

Kath making stars!

On Wednesday we once again got busy with our chair-based exercises and then managed no less than 142 different words from ‘Neil Armstrong’ in a word search.

Mary and Helga worked out!

In the afternoon we enjoyed Poetry Club with Summer poems and then we reminisced and wrote our very own poem which we entitled ‘Memories of Summer’ which includes specific lines that is a memory unique to us as individuals:

Memories of Summer

We didn’t have much money, but we had fun…


Picnics with our friends and make-believe school games in the sun!


Cycling through the Yorkshire country lanes,

We forget the days where it rained!


Sand (and mud!) at Weston-Super-Mare, but we didn’t care!


Trips on the bus to Yarmouth with the Boy’s Brigade,

All such happy memories made


Wax paper wrapped sandwiches for a day at Leigh-On-Sea,

The whole summer we’d stay there with our Aunt my sister and me!

(Kath T.)

Swimming in the sea I forget where,

We just got in the car and Dad took us there!


The gorgeous Gower beach we lived just a stone’s throw away

My memories are of going every Summers’ day!


Southport and New Brighton beach by train or ferry

Both were in easy reach


Those days may now be long gone,

But the memories are forever true

The warm sun as it shined

And the sky so brilliantly blue!


Woodlands Poetry Club

Reminisced and composed by the residents 22.07.20

The red residents’ names indicate the line of the poem (shown above) which is their own personal memory of Summer which they shared and we reminisced about during the activity.

Ray shared his memories of Weston-Super-Mare

Later that day we celebrated Edith’s Birthday with a fabulous cake baked by Becky!

On Thursday 23rd. July we enjoyed ball games, a quiz and flower arranging, then in the afternoon we enjoyed popcorn whilst watching the film ‘First Man’ about Neil Armstrong during Woodlands Film Club.

2 of the six vases of flowers we arranged!

On Friday 24th. July we enjoyed a ‘Sixties’ themed day with facts, quiz, lunch and afternoon buffet as well as lots of music from the decade known as the Swinging Sixties!’

First we fitted in our exercises.

Lillian enjoyed the exercises.

Joan with Beatles St. Peppers’ Picture

Peace, love and a lava lamp at Woodlands!

We watched some old footage of the beatles playing.

Our Retro lunch menu!

Tess was very taken with ‘The Yellow Submarine!’

1960’s inspired afternoon buffet spread with cheese and pickled onion hedgehog, sausage rolls, coca-cola and 7UP in traditional bottles and Pringles all from the era!

Elwyn loved the cheese and pickled onion sticks.

The residents tucked in!

Peter enjoyed the food.

On Saturday 25th. July we enjoyed a quiz and this was followed by a cheery piano playing and sing-a-long session with our lovely colleague Louis.

Tess was soon up and dancing as she appreciated the music!

Iris loved the singing!

Beryl too!

Peter and Margaret.

Diane joined in with the singing.

During the afternoon Kath, Sylvia, Arthur, Diane, Ken, Len, Peter and Lillian worked together and completed the Giant Crossword.