On Monday morning 26th. July we started the week with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly.
Gill doing very well with the arm exercises.

Mary Rose worked out!

Muriel in motion!


During the day we enjoyed a flower theme for our cognitive activities. Unfortunately we couldn’t be outside to enjoy the flowers in our courtyard for this activity as was originally planned due to the fact that it was raining heavily. However, we put our brains to work with an interesting ‘Flower What Am I quiz, a picture and general flower knowledge quiz and then a comprehensive word search A-Z of as many flowers that we could think of.


The afternoon’s proceedings included a lovely fruit hydration snack of either watermelon or honeydew melon as well as fruit juices and the usual tea, coffee and biscuits.

Ann enjoyed the picture flower quiz.

Kath enjoying refreshing watermelon

Flower ‘What Am I’ Quiz and Flower Word Search


On Tuesday we enjoyed some ball games ahead of the monthly resident’s meeting with Alison. Alison explained to us the current Government rules about care home visiting as last week clarified to the general public and the Alison’s directive of inhouse weekly testing of staff now taking place to ensure all our safety from CORONAVIRUS ongoing.

Elwyn, Margaret and Ken with the beach ball.

John had such fun with the ball today!


During the afternoon some of us enjoyed the Gardening Club, harvesting lettuces and tidying up and weeding our raised bed. We tied up and tended to our sunflowers and counted no less than 16 blooms coming, as well as more marigolds on their way!
Tess and Peter harvesting Woodlands homegrown lettuces for our supper!

Kath tending to the marigolds.

Sylvia tying up the sunflowers

 Tess busy watering and weeding!

One of the Woodlands sunflowers coming into bloom!

The Gardening Club having enjoyed a well-earned cup of tea afterwards!

The hair dresser also visited – Mary and Helga looking lovely after!


On Wednesday 29th. July we enthusiastically participated in the chair-based exercises, and this was followed by a few rounds of Woodlands hangman. During the afternoon some of us started work on Part 1 of an art and crafts ‘Pop Art’ inspired project. Part 2 to follow.

Sylvia, Diane, Iris, Gill and Kath doing arm exercises!

Kath, Mary and Helga joined in!

Gill and Patricia creating pop art.

Precision painting by Sylvia.

Iris getting arty!

The Art Club – Tess, Gill, Patricia, Kath and Sylvia hard at work!


On Thursday 30th. July we enjoyed some ball Games and then celebrated’ International Friendship Day’ with a discussion about friendship, a word search and a poem about Friendship.

During the afternoon we enjoyed watching ’ The King’s Speech’ with popcorn during the weekly Film Club.

The Flower Arrangers! – Tess, Margaret, Angela and Kath with Len looking on.

Tess arranging a beautiful pink display!

Angela very proud of her finished vase!

Margaret’s arrangement.


On Friday 31st. July on an exceptionally hot day we did our exercises first thing (before it got too hot) and then enjoyed a ‘British’ quiz.
It was too hot to sit comfortably in our lovely garden after lunch so we had a sing-a-long and piano playing by Peter and Margaret 2 of the residents in the Main Lounge.


With temperatures peaking at 35C , good hydration always a focus for Woodlands-Hillbrow Limited was even more significant to day.
Apart from the normal tea and coffee rounds am and pm residents were encouraged to have orange, apple or cranberry juice or iced water during the morning and then in the afternoon they enjoyed cool drinks again including old-fashioned cream soda or coco-cola ice cream floats and ice lollies.


Margaret getting active despite the heat!

Beryl enjoying a cooling ice lolly.

Old fashioned ice-cream sodas and coke floats quenched our thirst!

Angela, June and Mollie with their ice-cream sodas!



Iris enjoying the sing-a-long and clap-along!


On Saturday 1st. August we celebrated ‘Yorkshire Day’ During the morning we baked traditional ‘Yorkshire Fat Rascal’ cakes which we enjoyed still warm from the oven with our afternoon tea. We then participated in a quiz with facts all about Yorkshire.

Arthur grating the zest of the lemon for the ‘Fat Rascals’

Kath seriously mixing!

Tess busy mixing!

Iris helped make the dough.

Tess putting the cherry ‘eyes’ onto the Fat Rascals!

All finished and ready for baking!


We also enjoyed a lively sing-a-long as Louis played piano.


Peter really enjoyed the sing-a-long and thanked Louis personally afterwards!

Arthur showing where he was born and brought up in Leeds, Yorkshire.
On Saturday was a proud moment as our first Woodlands grown sunflower also bloomed.

Sylvia busy watering the sunflowers, as we speak there are another
17 blooms growing!