On Monday morning 7th. August we started the week positively with our chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for the elderly.

Muriel and Elwyn during the chair-based exercises!

Harry doing the leg exercises!

During Monday morning we also did our ever popular ‘Coin a Phrase’ old proverbs quiz.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a ‘What’s in the Bag Quiz’ a sensory touch activity in which we tried to identify mystery objects by touch only. Mary was exceptionally good at this identifying everything she touched and was consequently the winner overall!

Mary’s sense of touch is very good!

It was a very hot afternoon too hot in fact to sit outside so we kept cool and hydrated with ice lollies and plenty of cooling drinks.

Daphne staying cool!

Tuesday 11th. August was an equally hot day so we although we did some exercises we did them first thing before it got too hot. The hairdresser Denise also visited us and we did a quick quiz before lunch.

Everyone active!

Iris doing arm exercises!

Sylvia watered the thirsty sunflowers on an exceptionally hot day.

Margaret and Lillian with hair just done by Denise.

During the afternoon we enjoyed Woodlands Music Club featuring Baroque music. We learnt about Vivaldi’s life as one of the most famous composers of this period and listened to his ‘Four Seasons’

Vivaldi Diane told me is one of her favourite composers.

Iris very pleased with her new hairstyle!

Joan busy later in the day working on her scrapbook.

Finishing a colourful rose!

On Wednesday 12th. August the chiropodist visited us during the morning for our monthly check up.

In the afternoon it was again just too hot to go out for our activities so we did a word search indoor with fans on, cold drinks and more ice lollies at the ready !

Despite the heat we managed a very creditable 73 words from ‘August Heatwave!’

After this some of us created more Pop Art sunflowers in the Art Club, ready for our poster.

Arthur, Tess, Len and Peter getting creative!

Peter’s finished patriotic flower!

On Thursday 13th. August we enjoyed a game of skittles before some us settled down to arrange the fresh flowers delivered that morning. We also did a word search and during the afternoon enjoyed the film ‘Around the World in Eighty days’ as we ate popcorn in our weekly film club.

Three busy florists – Angela, Kath and Margaret!

Margaret trimming roses for her vase.

Angela with her finished vase.

On Friday 14th. August the Chiropodist saw the last of us during his monthly clinic check up, after which we did our chair-based exercises.

During the afternoon we enjoyed a picture quiz ‘Where in the World!’ which tested our knowledge of places all over the world from the Tower of London to Table Mountain S.Africa. We learnt that a lot of us are very well travelled indeed!

Tess loved the look of the Bahamas!

Margaret lived and worked in Africa as a teacher.

Lillian remembers visiting the Victoria falls when she lived in Zimbabwe.

On Saturday 15th. August it was VJ Day 75 – marking 75 years since the end of fighting in Japan at the end of the Second World War. Residents watched the special Commemorative service on BBC and acknowledged the 2-minute silence before an uplifting piano sing-a-long with Louis.

Tess danced with Jay Jay during the piano sing-a-long.

Margaret conducted!

Everyone enjoyed the music and singing!

Kath reminisced: Her husband Douglas was a despatch rider in the Royal Signals here she is holding his regiments insignia and her brother-in-law fought in the Middle east.

Tess, Peter, Ray, Iris, Len, Kath, Sylvia and Arthur all working together to complete the crossword!