On Monday morning 17th. August we started the week off on the right foot with our ever popular chair-based exercises following the British Gymnastics Federation ‘Love to Move’ programme for  the elderly.

Ray, Peter, Lillian, Beryl and Sylvia do the ‘Charleston’ exercise!

Ken and Kath ‘Swimming!’

Tess, Elwyn, Diane and others doing the leg exercises.

This was followed by an August themed quiz and discussion of historic events that took place in August. During the afternoon we enjoyed a sing-song/game as we played muscial bingo. Everyone eventually won a chocolate for a line!

Mary-Rose concentrating hard on the bingo.

Beryl sung along and won a chocolate treat.

On Tuesday 18th. August we had a dual game of quoits and the ‘Apple Box’ ball game followed by a word search in which we managed an amazing 178 words from ‘Everything in the garden is Lovely!’ it was only lunch that stopped us at that point!

Elwyn playing quoits.

Beryl tried her hand at the ‘Apple Box’ ball game.

Len tried his hand too!

Kath T. was the overall winner!

178 words!!

Gill and Diane with Golden Rod and Canna Lilly both growing in our lovely courtyard garden.

Arthur sitting alongside ‘Goldenrod’ in our garden.

Tess with her lovely new hairstyle and a picture of one of our sunflowers she helped grow!

Kath M. sitting alongside and holding a picture of a ‘Canna Lily’ Or ‘Indian shot’ as it’s known. It’s seeds were fired as bullets during the Indian Mutiny in the 19th. Century.

The Nature Walk group Diane, Arthur, Iris, Tess, Ken and others learning about hibiscus that grows at the edge of the courtyard.

On Wednesday 19th. August it was World Photography Day. We looked at some old cameras, reminisced about the history of photography and the advent of some 3.2 billion cameras in circulation now being on mobile phones. We also enjoyed a quiz about photography and looked at some iconic photographs including the famous one of Sir Isaac Newton sticking out his tongue!

Iris (hair just done!) with lily and Ken with snowberry that they saw growing in the garden during the walk.

Helga was very interested in the old cameras and the photography reminiscence. She was very impressed with the quality of this photograph of herself taken on a mobile phone. She told me her husband was a professional photographer and would have loved this activity!

Peter looking at a Uno Carbine Camera circa 1900.

Helga and Kath with Kodak Duaflex camera circa 1950.

Elwyn with Uno Carbine camera and Peter with Kodak Box Brownie circa 1900.

Ken with the iconic photograph of Sir Isaac Newton and examining the Uno Carbine camera. He told me his Father used to take a lot of pictures and was very good in the quiz about photography.

June was also very interested in the old cameras.

The ‘Photography Group’, celebrating World Photography Day.

Following this activity before lunch we then enjoyed watching Tommy Steele singing the famous ‘Flash Bang Wallop What A Picture!’ song and dance routine in an excerpt from the musical ‘Half a Sixpence’

On Thursday 20th August the residents enjoyed ball bounce and flower arranging

Mary did a great job today with the flowers today

Mary and Angela working great together, Angela trained as a florist

Beautiful vase Margaret

Ken and Beryl playing ball bounce.

                                                               On Friday 21st August

We were going to be outside today but the lovely British weather put a stop to that 😊

So today we did our ‘Chaired Based’ exercises and to ‘Coin a Phrase’ Quiz which was enjoyed by all. And Beryl has had her Nails painted.

Saturday 22nd August

Morning excercise today a nice easy workout for the residents. And we also had Louis with his Saturday Sing-a-long.

Sunday 23rd August , lovely relaxing morning reading the Sunday papers, unfortunately weather kept us from doing our lovely garden walks today

Peter playing the piano and Les was singing along which everyone enjoyed.