Monday 24th August, we did our morning exercises routine everyone was keen as join in today.

Margaret and Kath T. looks like they are having fun at the back.

Joan, Iris, Diane and Ann join in. This class always get us giggling.

Peter and Elwyn are very focused.

Tuesday 25th August

This morning the hairdresser was in which always has a full diary. The residents have been taking part in morning exercise which today was balloon bounce and the bean bag target shoot.

Angela giving it a go

Well done Margaret

Every month Alison hosts a Residents meeting, this is an opportunity for feedback from the residents.

Alison responding to questions

Full room for the monthly residents meeting with Alison

Wednesday 26th August


What a lovely day the residents had today, exercise routines in the morning and we had a lovely visit from 2 ponies Daniel and Matilda. Everyone was delighted to see them.

June with Matilda

Ann with Daniel

Elwyn with Daniel

Margaret chatting with Sophia about what it takes to care for the ponies.

Matilda loves all the fuss from Evelyn and Gillian

Harry was very pleased to meet Daniel thank goodness he is almost completely house trained.

Iris giving Matilda a quick brush


Arthur saying hello to Daniel


Thursday 27th August


Today we had games box out. Everyone enjoyed having a go.

Peter deciding which row to aim for

Well done Joan looks like you got scored a 20

Good throw Joyce

Ann deciding her next move

It is all very competitive and the Winner was Tessa well done 😊

We also had our weekly film club today with Popcorn, everyone enjoyed the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Friday 28th August

We started the day with our exercise class. Today was music and movement. Afterwards we played the “To coin a phrase quiz” which created lots of conversation and we reminisced about other phrases and their origin. After lunch our very talented Peter played the Piano for us and we all had a sing along.

Peter, Elwyn, Ken and Beryl enjoying the exercises.

Margaret and Edith joining in.

Joyce and Kath enjoying each other’s company

Looks like Gillian might be the instructor today

We even get chef Becky involved