School Days and Back to School Reminiscence

On Monday morning 31st August we enjoyed our chair-based exercises followed by our ever popular ‘Coin a Phrase’ Quiz where we remember old proverbs and sayings. In the afternoon we enjoyed some garden walks and nice one-to one chats with the carers on a relaxed August bank holiday afternoon.


On Tuesday 1st. September some of us enjoyed having our hair done with Denise the hairdressers’ regular weekly visit after which we enjoyed some ball games and ‘Woodlands Hangman.’



Elwyn enjoyed the ball games.

During the afternoon we enjoyed tea in the garden and a quiz.

On Wednesday 2nd September we enjoyed our chair based exercises before a few rounds of the ‘Great British’ general knowledge quiz.

Beryl doing the arm exercises with gusto!

Helga and Joyce concentrating hard in doing the shoulder/arm exercises!

In the afternoon we enjoyed watching the classic film ‘The Belles of St. Trinians’ with popcorn.

On Thursday 3rd. September we played skittles and quoits, before doing a word search.

Peter is always keen to participate in all physical activities and enjoys skittles.

Margaret takes aim with Kath watching on.

Mary tries her hand as Daphne, Helga and Joyce watch on.

Joyce’s aim was true!

During the afternoon we worked as a team to complete the Giant Crossword in record time before some of us sat down to arrange the four beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers delivered earlier that day into 6 beautiful vases.

Working on the crossword!

Mary created an amazing vase we put in our reception area and then very kindly helped another resident Tess with hers.

Tess created a beautiful red and pink vase.


Iris always loves to arrange the flowers!

Margaret arranged not 1 but 2 lovely vases!


Kath loved the golden sunflowers!

Later that day we reminisced in one-to-one conversations about the schools we used to go to and Peter played the piano for us.

On Friday 4th. September we once again did our ever popular chair based exercises first thing before we reminisced in earnest about our school days and just how much things have changed since we all went to school, with a ‘Then and Now’ activity.

Peter and Diane doing shoulder/arm exercises and having a laugh as they did them!

There were old school reading books, a slide rule, abacus, atlas, microscope and other school items we all enjoyed looking at. We discussed how schools have been affected by the pandemic and the return of pupils this week after 5 months at home being schooled by their parents.

We even enjoyed a ‘School dinner’ type menu at lunch time (see blackboard below)


School days ‘Then and Now’

During the afternoon we talked about our own schools, some still exist, others have been rebuilt and others sadly have gone to be replaced by flats. We also enjoyed a KS3 test to see if we knew what the average 11 year old should know. We did very well 9 out of 10!

We also did a quiz all about schools and a Memory game ‘What’s in the Satchel’

The afternoon finished with a sing-along of some old school favourites as well as a tuck bag of traditional sweets we all enjoyed.


Peter demonstrated how to use the slide rule.

Ray was interested in the slide rule too.

Gill with a picture of her old School Watford Grammar, she was very interested to learn Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls and Priti Patel the current Home Secretary were also former pupils!

Arthur with his old School Cockburn High School Beeston, Leeds.

Peter with Spring Grove his old school, later in its history Freddie Mercury of Queen was one of it’s former pupils.

Daphne with her old school Coloma Convent Croydon now a Roman-Catholic comprehensive school. Daphne was helped and excited to remember her old Headmistress Sister Winifred who she said was very strict but fair!

Joyce enjoyed looking at a ‘Janet And John’ reading book from over 50 years ago!


Kath and Mary tucked into the ‘Tuck sweets!’

Evelyn with a picture of Gloucestershire Technical College now rebuilt and with university status!

Len with his old school (now rebuilt) St. Augustine’s’ near Paddington.

Peter and Daphne both singing their hearts out at some old school favourite songs!

What we had to remember in the satchel!


On Saturday 5th. September we enjoyed some lively ball games and a sing-a-long with Louis on the piano.


Joyce singing along during the piano sing-a-long


On Sunday we enjoyed colour therapy and some garden walks.

Iris and Tess love to colour.

Muriel concentrating on her colouring.

Helga getting colourful!

Len and Ken colouring and doing word searches.

Mary working on a picture of an aeroplane.

Evelyn celebrated her 94th birthday on Sunday too and told me she had the best of days with flowers, pot plant gifts from the staff of Woodlands as well as other birthday gifts from her family, lots of cards and a lovely visit from her niece.