Normally at this time of year we would have been taking our residents to Southsea seaside for a fish and chip lunch, but the virus has meant this trip like all others has had to be cancelled. However, we decided we would try our very best to bring a bit of the seaside to the residents anyway with a British seaside themed week with everything from seaside reminiscence, to quizzes and nautical sayings, and even making a ‘Beach in a Jar’ in arts and crafts. The finale of the week was fish and chips fresh from the local chippy on Friday followed by the opportunity for a good old seaside sing-along and even to have a paddle and feel the sand between our toes, plus coconut shy and hook-a-duck seaside fairground games. Everyone had fun and all of us agreed despite not being to actually go to the seaside it was both a very nostalgic and enjoyable afternoon!

Monday 7th. September saw us off to an energetic start with our chair-based exercises.
Iris, Beryl, Elwyn, Diane and Margaret in view participating here.

Diane doing leg exercises.

Margaret and Ken trying hard!

We also enjoyed Woodlands hangman with a seaside theme.

During the afternoon as the sun started to come out so we were able to sit in the garden for a quiz all about the British seaside, before doing some relaxing seaside colour therapy. We also enjoyed tea and cake in the garden.

Tess was very taken with the little man on the old railway poster for Skegness!

Peter with 1950’s saucy postcard art by Donald McGill

Diane and Kath doing colour therapy.

Len, Margaret, Peter, Kath and Diane busy colouring.

On Tuesday 8th, September we enjoyed a beach ball bounce to seaside tunes and then a word search in which we managed an amazing 100 words from the phrase ‘British Seaside’

Elwyn had great fun with the beach ball games!

Ray having just thrown the ball!

Tess enjoyed the game!

June had a go!

100 words from ‘British Seaside’
(Target was 50!)
During the afternoon we enjoyed Woodlands Poetry Club in the warm afternoon sunshine.
Everything from Edward Lear, to John Masefield, Shakespeare to Pam Ayres all the poems we enjoyed had a sea or seaside theme.

Woodlands Poetry Club alfresco! – Tess, Kath, Diane, and Peter

Plus Iris, Elwyn, Kath and Muriel!

Beryl loved being in the sunshine and listening to the poems of Pam Ayres!

On Wednesday 9th. September we enjoyed our chair based exercises first thing before having an interesting reminiscence activity all about the maritime idioms in the English language that come from our nautical heritage as a seafaring nation.

Two elegant ladies doing their exercises – Iris and Margaret!

Peter also being elegant with his exercise moves!

Muriel and Sylvia plus Sho-Sho the cat!

Tess who loves the exercises, often stands up to join in and does more repetitions
than anyone of every move!

During the afternoon some of us enjoyed making a ‘Beach in a Jar’ during Arts and Crafts.

Tess carefully putting the ‘beach’ in her jar as Iris looks on.

Beryl busy with the sand.

Len and Gill making their beaches.

Beryl, Gill, Tess, Iris and John with their finished ‘Beaches in a Jar’

Tess so pleased with her jar.

John and Iris with their finished jars.

The finished Beaches in a Jar!

On Thursday 10th. September we did our chair based exercises and then arranged 7 vases of flowers using the beautiful fresh flowers delivered that morning.

Sylvia, Iris, Joan, Edith, Margaret and Len doing the arm exercises!

Peter and Beryl touching toes!

Joan, and Margaret touching toes as John looks on.

Len enjoyed arranging his own vase!

On Friday 10th. September we all worked together to remember 17 items you would pack in your suitcase for a seaside holiday and the we successfully remembered 16 out of the 17 we’d looked at with a little prompting.

‘I Packed my Suitcase’ Memory Game.

We also enjoyed an ‘All at Sea Quiz!’

For lunch we enjoyed fresh fish and chips in their paper delivered from the local Chippy along with a shandy for those that wanted.

Len, George, Elwyn and Peter enjoying their fish n’ chip lunch.

After lunch we were invited for a taste of the seaside with lots of reminiscence postcards, leaflets, nautical knots and shells to look at. We also enjoyed some seaside fairground games hook-a-duck and a coconut shy. We could even paddle and feel the sand between our toes! During the afternoon we also enjoyed candyfloss, sticks of rock, popcorn and prawns with marie-rose sauce . The afternoon concluded with a lively sing-a-long of seaside favourites!

Woodlands sandcastle!

Diane and Peter paddled!

Tess hooked a duck!

Len tried the coconut shy.

Ken knocked every single coconut down with one shot!

Kath tried the coconut shy…..

And recalled going to Prestatyn on holiday.

Harry enjoyed looking at some of the old seaside images.

Arthur with the knots!

Margaret loved the sand!

Iris sang along!

Kath and Sylvia enjoyed the sing-a-long too.

Prawns with marie-rose sauce.

Our seaside goers enjoying sticks of rock!

On Saturday 12th. September we enjoyed a balloon bounce and then were entertained by Louis on the piano for a lively sing-a-long.

Mary-Rose enjoyed the game.

Joan too.

Peter showed his appreciation for the music to Louis from one pianist to another!

During a lovely warm and sunny afternoon we enjoyed the Giant Crossword game in the garden.

On Sunday 13th. September some of us tried our hand at the bean bag toss.

June had a go.

Helga concentrating hard at the game.

During the afternoon we enjoyed walks in the garden in the Sunday afternoon sunshine.

Gill in the garden.