Harvest Week


Big Fruit and Vegetable quiz part of the Harvest Celebration Afternoon.


On Monday 14th. September we got the week off to a positive start with our chair based exercises.

Iris and Len doing the hand-jive!

Tess always giving 101% in the exercises!


We also put our heads together for a word search based on ‘Harvest Home’ in which we managed an amazing 100 words with a target of 50!

We also celebrated the life and works of Roald Dahl (it was Roald Dahl day on Sunday 13th September) and we enjoyed hearing an extract from one of his most well-known books:

‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!’

During the afternoon we took advantage of the lovely sunshine and enjoyed a sing-a-long alfresco.

Our alfresco singers; Margaret, Tess, Daphne, Peter, Ken, Kath, Iris, Diane and Len!

Peter and Ken


Singing with Iris who had a lovely afternoon!


On Tuesday 15th. we enjoyed a game of skittles and talked about the Royal Airforce’s fight against the Luftwaffe, including the Spitfire that played such a key role in the war in the air. This reminiscence discussion was to acknowledge the 80th. Anniversary of the battle of Britain. We also played Woodlands Hangman.

Peter with the mighty Spitfire.

Kath playing skittles.

Diane was good and came second overall by only 1 point.

Len takes aim.


Once again blessed with fine weather we enjoyed activities alfresco in the afternoon. Some of us enjoyed a stroll, followed by an interesting discussion about fruits of the world. Together we made an A-Z list, including learning about a number of fruits we’d never even heard of!

Patricia and Len enjoyed a stroll in the sunshine after lunch.

Fruits of the world A-Z discussion with Arthur, Tess, Iris, Margaret, Len, Sylvia, Kath, Patricia and Diane.

Tess with ‘Jujube’ fruit (Chinese date)

Finding out about some new fruits!

Our A-Z of Fruit.


On Wednesday morning 16th. September the chiropodist visited the home for our monthly clinic. After lunch on another beautiful warm and sunny afternoon we enjoyed Art club outside in the courtyard with a Harvest theme still life activity. We could use paint or coloured pencils/felt tipped pens to create a picture of either fruits or vegetables.

Tess, Margaret and Peter doing fruit still life picture.

Len, Sylvia and Iris doing vegetable still life.

Kath chose to do a still life of an apple…..

Kath’s beautiful impression of an apple.

Margaret’s gorgeous plum still life.

Vibrant colours in Peter’s finished fruit still life.

Sylvia chose to colour a harvest scene.

Arthur chose the banana for his still life.


On Thursday 17th. September we enjoyed our chair based exercises during the morning and then got busy arranging the fresh flowers into 7 different vases.

Margaret enjoying the exercises!

Diane, Kath and Tess doing the ‘piano playing’ finger exercises.

Peter and Ken concentrating hard on the arm exercises!

Angela busy with the flower arranging.

Flowers being very carefully arranged by Ken.

Ken very happy with his finished vase.

Kath busy with her vase.

Tess busy with the flowers.

Diane’s beautiful finished vase.

Evelyn busy with her vase.

Iris enjoyed a 1:1 chat as she arranged a vase of fresh flowers for her own room.

Iris very pleased with her vase and with her childhood doll ‘Dolly’ about 93 years old!

On Friday 18th. September we enjoyed a bean bag toss and ‘Chopped Vegetables’ scrambled words whiteboard quiz.

Ray having fun with the bean bags!

Mary Rose tried her hand

Len throwing a bean bag.

During the afternoon we enjoyed a ‘Big Fruit and Vegetable’ quiz, and learnt about the history of the Harvest celebration and associated traditions. This was followed by a delicious exotic fruit tasting. The afternoon ended with us singing along to ‘We Plough the Fields and scatter’ as well as saying a prayer for our harvest and farmers this year in these challenging times. We thought the fruit tasting was ‘The cherry on the top!’


Mary with a pomegranate which she thought was an apple.

Beryl learnt the first carrots were often purple!

Iris enjoying fresh pineapple .

Peter enjoyed the fruit.

Ken and Ray sampling the fresh pineapple.



Beryl and Ann chose the fresh melon.

Ann loved the sweet melon!

Joyce was very interested to see the Dig for Victory poster montage and said it was a blast
from the past as her Father used to grow a lot of vegetables during the war.

‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter!’


On Saturday 19th. September we enjoyed our chair based exercises before listening to a recital and then singing along to Louis on the piano.

‘Bell Ringing’ arm exercises with Iris, Peter, Len and Beryl!

Louis playing for us.


On Sunday 20th. September some of us did the bean bag toss, before enjoying walks in the garden.

Beryl and June enjoyed the game.