Woodlands Charity

This week saw the residents and staff participating in mixed teams in our very own ‘Charity Decathlon’ combining both physical and cognitive events from Monday through to Friday in order to raise money for our charity. The four teams namely, ‘The Crumpets’, ‘Bev’s Boomerangs’, ‘Debbie’s Do-Da’s’ and ‘The Sally Army’ started the week with basketball scoring.

Helga takes aim!

Brian scored 4 out of 4 basketballs!

Meanwhile, Muriel reminisced about her wedding in South Africa

During the afternoon some of us enjoyed a game of chair-based volleyball.

Arthur, Diane, Kath, Tess and others.

Margaret was good at the volleyball.

Peter playing as Tess, Iris, Sylvia, Len and Arthur look on.

Beatrice gave it her very best shot!

On Tuesday 22nd. September we enjoyed a Zumba session during the morning with Jay Jay and some of us visited the hairdressers. We also had the monthly residents’ meeting with Alison the owner. During the afternoon we sat down to a dominoes challenge during which we played 11 games in total!

Iris doing Zumba moves!

Staff encouraging the residents!

Ken really got into the Zumba rhythm!

High energy Rachel one of our HCA’s.

The 2 Kath’s both looking lovely after visiting Denise the hair dresser!

Beartrice loved her first visit to the garden.

Ray played dominoes confidently with Peter and Len.

Helga, Mary, Iris and Tess playing dominoes.

Len wins the game!

Reminding the gentlemen of the rules.

Kath, Sylvia and Beartrice played a number of games and each manged to win at least once!
On Wednesday 23rd. September it was time for goal shooting, bean bag toss and during the afternoon a fun egg n’ spoon race!

Ray scored a number of goals!

Elwyn shoots to score!

Coaching Iris to score!

Harry who is a keen Millwall FC fan had a go and Joyce’s aim was true!

Evelyn scored 4 out of 4 no problem.

Diane doing the ben bag toss.

Peter was a top scorer in the bean bag toss.

‘Egg n’ Spooners’ Beatrice and Gill as they raced trying not to drop their eggs!

Ken, Diane, Len and Sylvia had a go!

Only 2 hard-boiled eggs were dropped throughout the afternoon!

Deb and Bev 2 of the Team Captains raced.

Kirsten and Aram got very competitive!

On Thursday 24th. September Rebecca our physiotherapist returned and we enjoyed an active exercise session with her. She will be coming every Thursday morning from now on.

Some of us also arranged the fresh flowers delivered that morning.

Mary and Kath busy with the blooms!

Tess pleased with her finished vase.

We also enjoyed Peter playing for us!

During the afternoon some of us enjoyed the Woodlands Cookery Club where we prepared scones for tea and made apple turnovers!

Ann, Arthur, Gill and Mary enjoyed the Cookery Club.

The delicious finished apple turnovers we enjoyed at supper!

On Friday 26th. September we enjoyed a big Skittles challenge the 9th. event during our Charity Decathlon Week, which was followed in the afternoon by our final event the Woodlands Orienteering Challenge.

John and Angela had a go!

Beatrice and Joan played (Joan was the overall winner!)

Muriel reading the clues supported by Bev in the Indoor Orienteering Challenge.
Beatrice and Jay Jay in the final stage of their Orienteering Challenge.

Trying to sing whilst laughing Diane with Sally-Anne during the Orienteering Challenge!

Ray doing the cups challenge and singing with Kirsten

One of the Orienteering clues.

The Team Results…

And the winners were ‘The Crumpets’ with an amazing 518 points!

Team captain ‘Mrs Crumpet’ aka Becky with Woodlands Deputy Manager and Crumpets team member Jay Jay.

Beatrice and Iris with their winning medals and certificates.

On Saturday 26th. September we enjoyed a word search and Peter played for us. During the afternoon Film Club with popcorn.

From the phrase ‘Woodlands Decathlon’ we managed no less than 172 words!
(target was 100)

Brian also celebrated his Birthday supported by staff whilst in isolation.

Brian’s Birthday.

On Sunday 27th. September we enjoyed chair based exercises, the ‘Coin a Phrase’ Quiz, and during the afternoon the Giant Crossword.

It was also Angela’s Birthday

Thank you to all of you that made a pledge to our Charity Decathlon last week I am confident Woodlands Residents last week must have been the most active of any residents in any home in the area, and all for a good cause!