Gill, Evelyn, Diane, Kath, Sylvia and Len on the drive to Ellisfield
Kath, Harry, Diane and Bryan doing arm exercises.

This week saw us doing our chair-based exercises on Monday 28th. September followed by an Autumn quiz. The hair dresser visited and we enjoyed a ‘Spot the Musical’ quiz with a bit of a sing-song too as we identified famous musicals from key songs and leant a little of their history.

Most people participated!

Bryan doing leg exercises.

Kath told me her favourite Musical was ‘My Fair Lady’ whilst Iris said she loved ‘Mary Poppins’

Bryan’s favourite he said was ‘Singing in the Rain’ whilst Joyce said she loved ‘The King and I’

Len’s favourite was ‘Calamity Jane’
On Tuesday 29th. September we enjoyed ball games and hangman and during the afternoon a Famous Faces quiz.

On Wednesday 30th. September some of us enjoyed our first trip outside the home since lockdown. We enjoyed a morning drive to Ellisfield through the pretty Autumnal lanes and Hampshire villages. We stayed safe in the minibus and had hot drinks and biscuits onboard when we arrived. It is now hoped we can go out for a drive locally every couple of weeks going forward.

During the afternoon we enjoyed’ Woodlands Poetry Club’ where ahead of ‘International Seniors Day’ tomorrow 1st. October we talked about the ‘Art of Ageing’. We listened to some famous poems celebrating old age then worked together to create the end of a poem entitled ‘The Art of Ageing’ we hope to enter into the NAPA competition celebrating the Arts.
Please see the finished poem below:

The Art of Ageing
It’s tempting to shut down the shop and dim the light within,
Or spend old age in silent rage at all that might have been.

Life thrashes us with twists and turns but still this much is true,
What seems at first an ending is a chance to start anew.
Though each of us has unique gifts with which we have been blessed,
We lack the space and self-belief to put them to the test.

You might choose paint or pencil, chisel, song or dance.
It’s time to spark that inner flame that never stood a chance.
Disregard the inner critic – anyone who looks askance.
Immerse yourself. Explore yourself. Your life will be enhanced.
Flex and stretch those maker muscles. Feel your spirit flowing through.
There may be very little time but there’s still so much to do.

From charity Zumba dance and even an egg n’ spoon,
Our home activities might even take ‘us to the moon!’
Chair volley ball, fresh flower arranging too,
Making ‘Yorkshire fat Rascals’ in cookery club,
‘Harvest still life’ what’s your favourite hue?
Woodlands Hangman, the ‘GCW’ (Giant Crossword to you)
‘To Coin a Phrase,’ Song First Liners’ and ‘Spot the Musical’ we do!

We’re a pretty talented lot, our brains and bodies we do keep fit,
Writing poetry, limericks, stories and the like,
We’ve no time to just sit!

This afternoon the ‘Art of Ageing’ was the topic of the day
(Tomorrow Thursday 1st. October after all is International Seniors Day!)
In our opinion and in the voice of us all this then is what we say!…..
‘Do less with more Ease!’
‘Always make your brain work and keep busy please!’
‘Take each day as it comes, when it comes’
‘Climb the stairs every to keep young and always enjoy a full tum!’

‘Live each day with a giggle and a laugh,
It’s what the doctor ordered,
‘Enjoy a medicinal tipple daily, wine, sherry, G and T too,
In this way our glasses are always full by half!’

Helping and caring for our fellow residents and friends is the way to go,
We may be old but this is the sort of kindness we truly show.
Read what the ancient Greeks say, Shakespeare true,
Look at their take on age and read their clues.

We ‘Maybe knocking on that door!…’
When we might actually feel like lying on the floor!…’
But we will slam that door well and truly in it’s face!
‘The Art of Ageing’ is alive and kicking in our place!

Written by all the Woodlands residents but mostly Diane, Kath T, Sylvia, Joyce, Arthur, Daphne, Elwyn, Kath M, Iris M, Mary, Ken, Helga and Tess.

On Thursday 1st. October we had a very busy morning firstly with our weekly physiotherapy session and then arranging the fresh flowers into 7 different vases.

Beartrice, Patricia, Gill, Sylvia, June, Kath, Helga, Angela, Len, Tess and Peter doing the physiotherapy exercises.

Additionally shown here Beryl, Margaret, Iris and Ray taking part.

Ball skills with Ray during physio.

Angela, Tess, Joan, Diane and Peter.

More ball skills this time with Peter.

Joan busy amongst the blooms.

Angela and Margaret with their three, beautiful finished vases.
Thursday was ‘International Seniors Day’ so we celebrated people of our age with a fascinating discussion about some amazing Seniors and their accomplishments including Sir Thomas Moore who raised an incredible £17 million pounds for the NHS by walking laps of his garden at the age of 100!

Arthur was interested in Captain Tom’s achievements at such a grand old age.
During the afternoon some of us also made a traditional German cake called ‘Kalter Hund’
(a no bake chocolate slice) we look forward to sampling this on Friday as part of our ‘Woodfest’
(Octoberfest) style afternoon.

Arthur measuring out the all important chocolate drops!

Helga adding the cream to the mixture.

Mary adding sugar.

Tess mixes the cream in as Mary consults the recipe for the next step.

Assembling the cake!

On Friday 2nd. October we did our chair based exercises and enjoyed a quiz all about the month of October.

Beryl, Brian, Tess and others doing the arm exercises.

Beartice and Kath were good participants.

We enjoyed a German themed lunch ahead of our ‘Woodfest’ ‘Octoberfest’ style afternoon.

Woodfest Menu

German Sausages
with Red Cabbage and Mashed Potato
Apple Strudel and Cream
With Afternoon Tea:
Chocolate Pretzels,
Ginger Cake, Kalter Hund,
German Beer, Real Ale
& Prosecco

After lunch we learnt a little of the history and tradition of the Octoberfest Festival in Munich, and enjoyed some of the brass band, accordian and yodelling music from the festival played on You Tube. We enjoyed a beer and prosecco, German style sweet snacks including the ‘Kalter Hund’ no bake chocolate cake which we had made during the cookery club yesterday. Everyone said it was absolutely delicious! The afternoon concluded with some lovely music by famous German composer Strauss performed by Andre Rieu whom we all like!

Arthur and Len loved the ‘Kalter Hund’ cake

Elwyn and Ken enjoyed some German beer during our ‘Woodfest’ afternoon.

Beartice and Diane raised a glass of prosecco during the ‘Woodfest’ afternoon.

On Saturday 3rd. October we enjoyed a bean bag toss….

Angela was good at this!
…And a game of quoits.

Elwyn enjoyed the quoits.

John tried his hand.

Later Louis entertained us on the piano. During the afternoon we enjoyed ‘The Sound of Music’ with popcorn during our weekly film club.

On Sunday 4th. October we finished the week with the Giant Crossword during the afternoon.