On Monday 5th. October we started the week with lively beachball games followed by our chair based exercises.

Ray, Brian and Iris with the beach ball.


Sylvia, Beatrice, Peter, and Margaret doing the arm exercises.

Peter and Len enjoying the leg exercises.


We enjoyed an Autumn wordsearch and managed a very creditable 211 words from the phrase ‘Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness’ with a target of 100!


During the afternoon we enjoyed Musical Bingo with chocolate prizes.

Kath concentrating on the music and her bingo card with pencil behind her ear!

On Tuesday 6th. October we got busy with a bean bag toss challenge which Beatrice won overall.

Elwyn had a go.

Edith throwing a bean bag.

We also did some mental aerobics with our ever popular ’Coin a Phrase’ Quiz. During the afternoon we enjoyed Art Club. During this activity some of us did colour therapy entitled ‘Autumn Leaves’ whilst the rest of us started work on leaf artwork for a Thankful Tree we shall be creating.

Tess coloured in some beautiful Autumn leaves.

Peter, Len and Beatrice with their completed ‘Thankful’ leaves.

Iris is thankful for ‘Kindness’ in this world.


On Wednesday 7th. October we enjoyed our chair-based exercises, followed by an ‘Autumn What Am!?’ Quiz.

Helga, Kath, Ken, Peter, Elwyn and Sylvia all concentrating on doing the arm exercises correctly.

Ray participated fully, in fact a lot of the men made a good effort at the exercises today!

Joyce won the ‘Autumn What Am I’ quiz overall’ correctly identifying 10 things to do with Autumn from clues, before anyone else.

During the afternoon we enjoyed Woodlands Music Club which this afternoon featured Jazz music. Residents learnt a little of the history of Jazz as well as the life of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald before enjoying music from both of them. Peter our resident Jazz pianist then entertained us all. He played some jazz including playing and singing a tune he used to love ‘Down the Road a Piece’ which he not only remembered note for note, but word for word too! So much was the music enjoyed that some residents both danced as well as singing along to the tunes.


Peter played Jazz for us which Margaret really enjoyed !

Brian enjoyed a dance!

Both Daphne and Mary really enjoyed the sing-along as Peter played.

Patricia told me she was a big fan of Ella Fitzgerald!

Diane used to like Duke Ellington.

On Thursday 9th. October Rebecca took us through our Physiotherapy exercises and we all enjoyed it.

Peter, Helga, Patricia and Kath.

Diane, Margaret, Beryl, Tess and Sylvia hard at work during physio.

Ray, Ken, June, Iris, Diane, Margaret and Beryl hard at work during physiotherapy.

Ray, Ken and June


Margaret making a beautiful vase

Kath busy trimming the stems for the flowers.

Len and Patricia with her finished vase.


On Friday 10th. October we started the day energetically with our chair based exercises and then enjoyed Woodlands Hangman where all the words had something to do with Nepal.

Iris, Margaret, Ken, Beatrice, Peter and Beryl doing the arm exercises.

Elwin, Kath, Helga, and Diane shown here during the exercises.

Joan enjoyed looking at some copies of old pictures – here she is when she was young.


We also talked about Nepal and some of the indigenous wild life there including the Bengal Tiger which Peter was fascinated with.

Peter with Bengal Tiger!

For lunch we enjoyed an authentic Nepalese curry with fresh vegetable rice and poppadoms cooked by our very own Lazum in celebration of ‘National Curry Week’.

Following lunch we enjoyed some of the staff dancing in traditional costume to Nepalse music.

Colourful saris and traditional Nepalese dancing was really enjoyed by our residents!

On Saturday 10th. October we did our chair-based exercises followed by a few rounds of the Great British Quiz. During the afternoon we enjoyed playing scrabble and dominoes. Alison popped in and was the scorer for a while! Kath won by just one point with Sylvia second and Beatrice learnt and played scrabble for the very first time in her life (so she said!)
Some of us also reminisced with our personal photo scrapbooks.

Joan did so well with exercises on Saturday!

Kath too did well!

Sylvia, Mary, Beatrice and Kath played scrabble.

Brian, Len, Margaret and Peter played dominoes and each won at least one game.

Margaret was good at the dominoes. Brian also had a go at solitaire.

Iris and Ken with their scrapbooks.

On Sunday 11th. October we enjoyed a Song first liners quiz that was also a chance for a sing-a-long before delicious roast lamb for Sunday lunch. We also celebrated George’s 101st. Birthday with an enormous cake (which we all enjoyed a piece of afterwards!)

George ready to cut his huge cake!

During the afternoon we enjoyed some mental aerobics with the ever popular Giant Crossword.