We started the week off to a positive and energetic start with the chair-based exercises.

Arms up for the Exercises!

Sylvia and Margaret concentrating hard!

Then we managed 150 words ending in ‘ENT’ in our word search.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a patriotic sing-a-long with instruments.

Iris loved the sing-a-long.

Mary was a good percussionist.

Brian sang and played the maracas.

Margaret conducted everyone!

Beryl had her hair done and enjoyed the sing-a-long.

On Tuesday 13th. October we enjoyed lively ball games

Len enjoyed the beach ball games…

And June too!

We also enjoyed Woodlands Hangman (with a floral theme) – Tess, Elwyn, Mary, Beatrice, Brian and Beryl concentrating on the whiteboard activity.

On Wednesday morning 14th. October the Chiropodist had his monthly clinic and during the afternoon some of us enjoyed an Autumn drive out to Frensham Pond. Here we enjoyed the view as the sun came out whilst we had hot tea, coffee and biscuits to enjoy. There was even an impromptu sing-a-long!
Those that went said it had been a very enjoyable afternoon and even showed their approval with applause when we got back!

Brian and Diane very much enjoyed the trip out.

On the bus at Frensham with Peter, Len, Kath, Sylvia, and Brian.

Peter and Len enjoying tea and biscuits with Frensham Pond in the background.

Peter and Len both loved the Autumn drive out.

On Thursday 15th Oct the Physiotherapist came to do exercise routines with the residents.

Every one joining in today Ray, Kath, Diane, Sylvia and June.

Great effort everyone today.

Here we have Peter, Brian, Joan, Margaret, Len and Iris joining in to.

In the afternoon we have flower arranging here is Angela eager to start her arrangement.

Arthur appreciating the flower arrangement whilst he is relaxing reading the news.

Joan always loves the flowers and they complement what she is wearing today.

Tessa with her arrangement it looks lovely.

Friday 16th Oct, we have had a lovely sing-a-long.

Peter playing the Piano.

Len and Margaret loving the music.

Here with have Carer Dilys leading the way with the Sing-A-Long

Saturday 17th Oct, we celebrating our longest residents Birthday today
Happy Birthday Tessa

Today Louis played the piano and we also played Ball games which the residents love.

Lovely singing form everyone today

Beatrice having a go, with Beryl looking on

Here we have June looks like she has going to have a high score.
Sunday 18th Oct we have bean bag games for the residents to play today

Tessa sizing up which hole she will throw the bean bag into.

I think you have hit the target Elwyn fantastic throw.

Great shot Mary Rose.