Remembrance Week

On Monday 2nd November we had tea and papers in the lounge before enjoying a Pamper morning. During the afternoon we enjoyed some ‘Famous Faces’ in a reminiscence activity, including the very famous actor Sean Connery, ‘James Bond’ who passed away peacefully in the Bahamas at the weekend.

Dorothy was a big fan of Sean Connery as James Bond!

Tony with the ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher

Rod who liked and remembered Norman Wisdom

Eric was a big fan of Eric and Ernie!

‘Nice to see you to see you nice!’ Joyce liked Bruce Forsyth

Joan remembers Elizabeth Taylor.

Dorothy who was a nurse recognised Florence Nightingale.

An afternoon of Famous Faces!

On Tuesday 3rd. November we enjoyed the Giant Crossword as well as gentle exercises. In the afternoon we did a quiz.
On Wednesday 4th. November the Chiropodist visited Hillbrow for our monthly check up and during the afternoon we enjoyed an art and social afternoon with colour therapy.
On Thursday 5th. November the physiotherapist visited, as well as the hair dresser and during the afternoon we enjoyed a reminiscence discussion and arranged the flowers.

Beryl arranging the flowers with Sugar.

The beautiful finished arrangements with Beryl and Geoff.
At 6.00pm we watched the firework display at Hillbrow with front row seats in the warm as we enjoyed the colour and spectacle of this annual event.

Views of the fabulous fireworks at Hillbrow!

On Friday 6th. November we enjoyed an Autumn drive out during the morning.

Rod and Joan on the bus.

Sylvia enjoyed the drive out.

Indian Afternoon
We then enjoyed a delicious authentic curry for lunch ahead of our Indian afternoon.
We learnt about the history, culture, food, flora and fauna of this beautiful and unique country and then enjoyed listening to both modern and classical sitar music as well as the music of Ravi Shankar.

Eric liked ‘Holi’ The Indian festival of Colour

Helen was taken with ‘Diwali – The Indian Festival of Light’

Joan with Taj Mahal which she said she visited when she served in the WAAF during the War and was stationed in India.
On Saturday 7th. November we enjoyed word association and ‘Discussion Box’ and some of us enjoyed the bright November day in the garden!

Dorothy admiring the Winter planted tubs in our lovely garden.

On Sunday 8th. November we watched the Remembrance Service on the TV and during the afternoon enjoyed Film Club.

We also want to share with you all the wonderful pictures of Bev when she visited us in her wedding dress – A surprise visit after her wedding at Guildford Registry office to Chris on 30th. October (not the planned venue due to COVID restrictions) The residents loved seeing their Homes Manager and new bride in her beautiful dress!

Bev with Marion

Bev with Maureen and Ann.

Bev with Nadia