Remembrance Week

Our Remembrance Display

On Monday 2nd.November we started the week with our chair-based exercises followed by our popular ‘Coin a Phrase’ Quiz. During the afternoon we looked at and reminisced about some very Famous Faces!

Beatrice with Sir Cliff.

Peter and Kath were both very interested in Sir David Attenborough

On Tuesday 3rd. November during the morning, we enjoyed a skittles challenge. We reminisced about pet dogs we used to own and also had a quiz and a word search on dog breeds ahead of our pet therapy visit by Henry during the afternoon. Henry is a golden doodle poodle who belongs to Becky the chef and will be featuring in a video film for TAG Aviation! Everyone enjoyed meeting him and have a stroke!

Beryl and Pat had a go.

Peter and Ray too –
In fact Peter was an eventual joint overall winner with Tess and Joyce!

John played too.

Becky arrives with Henry!

Iris giving Henry a treat!


Angela loved Henry!

Henry with Sylvia and Diane.

Elwyn and Ann meet Henry!

Arthur and Brain met Henry.

Evelyn made a fuss of Henry – She owned three pet dogs at one point before getting cats!

Henry visited Iris!

Visiting George and Patricia.

Ken loved him…

Edith too!

Harry and June meeting Henry.

Some of us also had our hair done!

Iris and Margaret both looking lovely!
On Wednesday 4th. November we did our chair based exercises and then some mental aerobics with the ‘Word Wheel’ Pat and Elwyn both almost simultaneously guessed the mystery word ‘Remembrance!’

Kath and Pat working hard at the exercises.

Beryl being very graceful!

Sylvia, Iris, Ken and Margaret.

Diane was delighted to receive this lovely card from her niece in Bahrain!
In the afternoon we enjoyed some time in the garden it was bright but cold and the Winter tubs freshly planted with brightly coloured cyclamen looked lovely!

Margaret, Pat and Beatrice.

Len admiring the flowers!

Len, Sylvia, Patricia, pat and Margaret.

Some of us went for quite a walk!


Kath in the garden.
In the afternoon we also enjoyed Music Club which featured the life and music of Vera Lynn as it is Remembrance Week. We watched a documentary of her life, learnt some interesting facts about her and listened to her record breaking CD ‘100!’ which we were soon singing along to!

Elwyn is a big fan of Dame Vera Lynn.
On Thursday 5th. November Rebecca led us in an energetic physiotherapy session, after which we learnt about the history of Guy Fawkes and did a corresponding word search.
We also enjoyed arranging the fresh flowers!

Margaret, Iris, June and Peter having fun during physiotherapy.

Diane, Sylvia and Kath working hard in physiotherapy.

Joan, Ray and Ken concentrating on the moves.

Patricia, Pat and Helga working with Rebecca.

Word Search: We managed 60 words from ‘Guy Fawkes Night!’

Tess busy with the flowers.

Pat and Kath making colourful Autumn arrangements.

‘Pat’s Flower Shop!’
During the afternoon we enjoyed Film Club with popcorn then at 5.30 watched the colourful and impressive annual firework display in the courtyard at Woodlands.

Beatrice with her front row view!

Woodlands residents watching the fireworks refreshments on hand!

On Friday 6th. November we did our chair base exercises and then reminisced about our experiences during the War over coffee and biscuits as we discussed this year’s forthcoming Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day. We also had a Remembrance quiz.

Tess, Pat, Elwyn, Ann, Sylvia, Diane, Beatrice and Margaret during the chair-based exercises

On Saturday 7th. November we enjoyed the Giant Crossword in the morning.
In the afternoon some of enjoyed seeing the Winter floral display in the courtyard aswell getting a breath of fresh air. We then learnt about the origins of ‘Poppy Day’ and the significance of the poppy in remembrance. We listened to some famous war poems and reminisced. We then worked together to write our very own ‘acrostic’, remembrance poem.
Some of us also coloured British Legion Poppy pictures for Remembrance.

Tess and Pat creating colourful poppies.

Evelyn very proud with her British Legion Thank You cards, for all her support with the poppy appeal over the years.

‘Acrostic’ Poetry Writing for Remembrance.

Woodlands Acrostic Remembrance Poem

Proud Poppies for a hundred years remember our fallen heroes,
Over 100 million deaths in 2 World Wars, brave soldiers and true!
People should never forget the sacrifices they made for me and you,
Pray for eternal and everlasting peace here on,
You maybe gone but will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN……..

Written by residents during Woodlands Poetry Club Saturday 7th. November for Remembrance 2020.

Diane, Brian, Joan, Ann, Iris and Ken in the garden.

Diane, Brian and Joan.

On Sunday 8th. November we completed the making of our very own remembrance wreath. Then we watched the wreath laying and Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph, London on the TV during the morning and remembered all those that served and perished in all the wars in history. During the afternoon we enjoyed an uplifting sing-a-long tea party with many songs we know and love from our war years.

Kath with the beautiful remembrance wreath residents worked upon.

Daphne singing her heart out with Mary!

Tess making music and Iris dancing with carer Angela.