13th. November 2020– Kindness Week

Everybody Arms Up for Exercise!

On Monday 9th. November we energetically did our chair-based exercises and then enjoyed a quiz all about the month of November.
During the afternoon we worked as a group to make as many words as possible from ‘Act of Kindness’ in the word search.

Beryl and Margaret always so conscientious at the exercises!

Diane and Evelyn looking lovely after seeing the hairdresser on Monday too.

We managed an incredible 141 words in our word search!
On Tuesday 10th. November we enjoyed some ball games during the morning and during the afternoon some of us enjoyed a pampering session with manicures and hand-massage.

Joan enjoying the beach ball game!

Beatrice with the beach ball.

Beryl having fun during the game!

Pamper Afternoon

June enjoying a manicure with HCA Jyotika.

Beatrice enjoying the pampering.

Mary Rose having her nails painted.
On Wednesday morning 11th. November we all saw the chiropodist for our regular monthly appointment. We also watched the remembrance service for the ’Unknown Warrior’ on the TV for the Armistice Day Commemoration. During the afternoon we enjoyed a game of bean bag toss and some of us worked on our scrapbooks. We enjoyed reminiscing about activities we have enjoyed this year.

Peter and Pat had a go.

Muriel and Ray participated.

Helga concentrating hard on the game. She was second overall!

Mary and Ann enjoyed reminiscing when they worked on their scrapbooks.

On Thursday 12th. November we enjoyed ball skills with the apple box game and then some of us arranged the fresh flowers delivered that morning into 6 beautiful vases. During the afternoon we enjoyed the Film Club with popcorn.

Ken, Mary Rose and Ray took up the challenge.

Peter and Harry played – Harry went on to win the overall game!

John and Margaret had a go – John was third overall!

Ann and Edith both did well at the game.

Mary’s turn!

Helga and Len taking their turn.

Len volunteered to help with the flower arranging.

Beatrice created a beautiful vase that was put on reception for all to admire!

Ken was in a playful mood!

Ken’s finished vase.

Kath busy trimming stems for her flowers.

Tess and Kath with their finished vases.

On Friday 13th. November we did our chair-based exercises, then over coffee and biscuits we talked about ‘Kindness.’ 13th. November is ‘World Kindness’ Day and we were asked to think what kindness is to us. Some of our thoughts and ideas we wrote down on colourful ‘Kindness’ leaves.

Arm Exercises!

Helga, Kath and Diane.

Pat and Beatrice.

Peter and Ken doing some ‘virtual swimming!’

Diane and Edith tried the bilateral exercises.

Diane with her good friend Beryl- ‘Kindness is to help someone!’ Diane said. Diane is very kind will always try and help others. World Kindness Day 2020.

During the afternoon we enjoyed Musical Bingo where a lot of chocolate prizes were awarded !!

Brian singing along during the Musical Bingo.

Ken and Iris enjoyed the music.

Diane was the first winner!
On Saturday 14th. November we enjoyed ball games before Louis entertained us all with a cheery piano sing-a-long.

Edith enjoyed the ball games.

Mary Rose having fun!

Pat and Iris enjoying the piano sing-a-long.

Peter and Ken during the sing-a-long.

Harry looking very smart.

Len raises a glass during the sing-a-long.
During the afternoon we did the Giant Crossword.
On Sunday 15th. November we played the ever popular Woodlands Hangman game and enjoyed some colour therapy.

Joan busy colouring.

Finally, could I kindly ask you all if you have any spare wool lying around at home you would be prepared to donate to our residents? We have a small group of ladies that do knit but are getting through the wool we have. We are also looking for white wool for making ‘pom poms’ for Christmas so any white wool would also be appreciated. However, any wool you can spare would be most gratefully received! Please drop off at Woodlands or bring when you visit.
Thank You so much in advance!