On Monday 16th. November we had tea and papers in the lounge before enjoying a Pamper morning whilst listening to relaxing music. During the afternoon we enjoyed Film Club.
On Tuesday 17th. November we sat down to the Giant Crossword followed by some gentle exercises. Then during the afternoon we reminisced and worked on our personal scrapbooks.

Rod and Tony.

Geoff and Beryl enjoyed the Giant Crossword.

Helen and Joan during the Giant Crossword.

Helen and Dorothy recalling happy memories at Hillbrow

On Wednesday 18th. November the Chiropodist visited for our monthly check up and then during the afternoon enjoyed some ball games and colour therapy.

Dorothy and Joan had a go!

Tony takes aim and Joan has a go!

Joy participated in the ball shooting game.

On Thursday 19th. November the hairdresser visited us and we also did some gentle exercises.

Helen, Dorothy and Joan during the exercises.

Joan having fun during the gentle exercises.

Joan joined in too.
During the afternoon we enjoyed a ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ themed quiz.

Our ‘Blue’ themed board.

Elizabeth and Pearl both enjoyed the Blue Quiz.

Dorothy and Helen during the quiz.

Our ‘Red’ themed board.

Joy thinking hard during the quiz.

On Friday 20th. November we enjoyed a very comprehensive ‘My Favourite Things’ quiz and during the afternoon tea with music.

We were asked to think of ‘favourite’ things and enjoyed reminiscing.

Pearl and Elizabeth having a laugh during the quiz.

On Saturday 21st. November we enjoyed cookery club followed by a quiz about television as it was World Television Day. On Sunday 22nd. November we enjoyed tea and papers in the lounge and during the afternoon we watched a film.