On Monday 23rd November as usual it was time to flex and tone with our chair-based exercise programme. We also enjoyed a sing-a-long with our popular Song First Liners Quiz.

Iris, Margaret, Sylvia, Elisabeth, Elwyn, and Sylvia enjoyed the exercises.
Mary’s favourite exercises ‘The Charleston!’

Iris and Margaret had fun.

Elisabeth and Elwyn doing hand exercises.
The hairdresser also visited and during the afternoon we started making Christmas cards during Arts and Crafts.

Beryl and Elisabeth looking lovely after visiting Denise the hairdresser.

Peter making a Christmas card.

Christmas card makers: Sylvia, Peter, Tess, Kath and Pat.

Kath getting creative.

Pat busy sticking and using a craft paper cutter.

Sylvia made cards for her Great grandchildren.

On Tuesday 24th. November we enjoyed a quoits challenge, played Hangman and then during the afternoon enjoyed scrabble, jenga and colour therapy.

Mary Rose and Beryl played.

June and Daphne had a go.
Mary and Helga watching on.

Peter and Margaret as Beryl watches on.

Pat and John – Pat encouraging John which was kind.

Joan and Sylvia took their turns.

Iris and Ann playing quoits.

Ray and Kath played.

Helga and Mary also played.

Tess playing quoits.

Helga, Mary, Kath, and Diane playing scrabble as John looks on.

Pat joined in too.

Kath and Diane concentrating hard on the game.

The Scrabblers!

Brian and Margaret played Jenga.

Len had a go.
On Thursday 25th. November we enjoyed a ball toss game and ‘Word Wheel’ quiz.

Elwyn has a go.

Margaret and Helga.

Ken’s aim was true.

John played.

Pat’s turn.

Beatrice was the overall winner!

Word wheel word was ’Mistletoe’ correctly guessed by Beatrice!