Advent Week 1

On Monday 30th. November we enjoyed a Pamper Morning and then an afternoon Film.
On Tuesday 1st. December we began trimming the tree and putting up the Christmas decorations at Hillbrow.

Rod modelling some very fetching Antlers!

Geoff in festive hat!

‘Doe A’ Deer!’ Beryl

Rod helping to put up a garland, and getting festive!

Our finished tree looking magnificent!
During the afternoon we enjoyed some carol singing practice!

Beryl singing along.

Ann and Tony enjoyed the carol singing

On Wednesday 2nd. December we did some mental aerobics with a wordsearch using the phrase ‘The Ugly Sisters’ and then made Christmas cards during arts and crafts during the afternoon.

Helen and Dorothy enjoyed the wordsearch.

Sylvia tried out the new ‘Cuddle Curtain’ with Alison!

Dorothy’s finished card.

Beryl’s and Tony’s very festive creations!

Rod with his finished card.
On Thursday 3rd. December Denise the hair dresser visited and we had a visit from the festive goats!

Eric feeds the goat with Alison.

Dorothy and Joan meet the goats!

Tony with the goats and later cuddle time for Cheeky the cat with Beryl!

Marion and Helen both looking lovely after visiting Denise the hairdresser.

We also helped put up another Christmas tree in the Pink Lounge!

Joan and Dorothy helped.


Elf Day

On Friday 4th. December it was Elf Day where we dressed up!

Elf Joan!

Elves: Ann and Ian!

Elves: Marion and Elizabeth

3 Naughty Elves, Eric, Rod and Bev!

Little Elf Joan!

Elf Sylvia!

Elves: Beryl and Dorothy!
On Saturday 5th. December we enjoyed baking mincepies and then a ‘Word association.’
On Sunday 6th. December we enjoyed a festive afternoon film.

Beryl and Dorothy busy preparing the mincepies with Joan watching on.

Our finished yummy homemade mincepies fresh from the oven and dusted in icing sugar ready for us to enjoy!