Advent Week 3

On Monday 14th. December it was tea and papers in the lounge and then we enjoyed an afternoon of art and colour therapy.

Joan, Helen, Colin and Ann get creative!

Dorothy, Joan, Helen, Colin, Ann and Tony.

Rod doing some festive colouring.

Rod and Hannah with a bit of Christmas sparkle!
On Tuesday 15th. December we worked as a team to complete the giant Crossword, and then during the afternoon we enjoyed a trip in the minibus to see the local Christmas lights!

Dorothy studying the clues with Ann, Joan and Colin.

Joan, Colin and Joy with the completed Giant Crossword!

Festive Christmas Lights Trip
The amazing local Christmas lights of Fleet and Church Crookham we enjoyed seeing on the bus trip!

On Wednesday 16th. December we did some gentle exercises and a quiz during the morning. Then during the afternoon we coloured some festive nameplates for our forthcoming Christmas Lunch.

Ann and Helen getting creative.

Dorothy admires Tony’s picture!

Beryl, Ann, Helen and Dorothy.

Tony’s colourful owl!

On Thursday 17th. December it was the annual Hillbrow Christmas lunch followed by a delightful visit by Father Christmas with presents for all!

Sylvia looking gorgeous ready for Christmas dinner.

Christmas dinner in full swing with Elizabeth serving Joan and Pearl.

Elizabeth having a jolly good laugh during the Christmas lunch.

Bev with Rod who donned an amazing Christmas waistcoat!

John and Joan contemplate the menu.

Hazel and Joan ready for Christmas lunch!

Ann and Hazel smiles all round!

Eric in festive hat!

Marion and Mary were full of Christmas spirit.

Ann by the Wishing Tree.

Marion looking very smart!

Pat at the lunch.

Dorothy and Helen tuck into their starters!

Elizabeth and Bev!

Ann busy with her lunch.

Ann wearing the obligatory paper hat and a lovely smile!

Father Christmas and his Elf arrive!

Joy with Father Christmas!

Joan and John meet Father Christmas.

???? and Pearl meet Father Christmas.

Rod and Colin with Geoff and Beryl in the background.

Marion and Tony chat to Father Christmas!

Pat and Mary receive their gifts!

???, Sylvia and Joan having a laugh with Father Christmas!

Elizabeth and Ann meet Father Christmas

Hazel and Beryl.

Beryl and Joan.

Eric and Bessie.

???? meets Father Christmas.
On Friday 18th. December we reminisced about fashion and what we wore in our youth including a discussion about ‘Mods and Rockers!’

Tony with Mod fashion picture and beryl with Rocker fashion picture.