On Monday 20th. December we enjoyed a skittles competition in the dining room followed by part 2 of our big Christmas quiz. During the afternoon we enjoyed the festive film ‘The Santa Clause’ with popcorn.

June, Beatrice, Pat, Tess, Len, Iris, Margaret and Elisabeth enjoying the skittle challenge.

Kath T. and Elisabeth take their turns!

Tess was good at the skittles and Diane tried her hand too!

On Tuesday 21st. December some of us had our hair done and enjoyed a Christmas carol quiz and Christmas carol music.

Elisabeth and Mary looking lovely after seeing the hairdresser.

Helga having just been to the hairdresser.
On Wednesday 23rd. December we did our chair-based exercises and then enjoyed receiving some more Christmas cards from the Mosquito cub group on Elvetham Heath, some very special Christmas letters from the pupils of Courtmoor School and a wonderful card with nativity scene from the Fleet Boys Brigade.

Sylvia, Pat and Kath T. were energetic!

Beatrice’s card had numerous drawings in too!

Helga and Mary loved their cards!

Helping Tess read her card.

Elwyn’s Christmas letter was from Bryony who liked rugby!

Mary was very pleased with her Christmas letter.

Len with the card from the Fleet Boys Brigade. He was a member of the Boys Brigade himself!

During the afternoon we enjoyed a very special ‘Taste of Christmas’ sensory activity where we tasted everything from ‘lebekuchen’, to satsumas, ‘stollen’ and ‘yule log!’ We also learnt about their origins and tradition at Christmastime.

Lots of festive fayre ready for tasting!

Elisabeth and Daphne tasted and liked the lebekuchen!

Beryl and Irene trying the lebekuchen!

Festive Christmas Lights Trip
Later in the day we enjoyed a final festive trip to see the local Christmas lights!

Sylvia, Kath T, Irene, Angela, Diane, Pat, Helga, Len, Brian and Evelyn off to see the lights!