New Year’s Week

On Monday 28th. December we enjoyed our chair-based exercises after 3 days rest from formal physical exercises over the 3 day Christmas period! This was followed by our ever popular ‘Coin a Phrase’ old proverb reminiscence quiz.

Beryl enjoyed the exercises!

Sylvia, Pat, Iris, beryl and Margaret doing the arm exercises.

Joan did every exercise!

Arms Up!
During the afternoon we completed a ‘Word Wheel ‘challenge where Diane eventually guessed the phrase as ‘Auld lang Syne’ for which we managed as a group 100 different words from!

Word Wheel Challenge
On Tuesday 29th. December we enjoyed ball games and a few rounds of the ‘Apple Box’ game and then did a quiz based on ‘Occupations’ During the afternoon Peter kindly played for us and we enjoyed an uplifting sing-a-long.

Peter’s aim was true!

Iris and Kath T played.

Sylvia and Pat.

Beatrice and Helga played.

Mary won with a final score of 300!

‘Occupations’ Quiz.

Iris enjoyed a 1:1 matching game with colourful butterflies.

Arthur enjoyed reminiscing with his scrapbook.

On Wednesday 30th. December we did some chair based exercises and also some exercises on DVD from the Medau ‘Movement for Life’ Society that has been specialising in rhythmic movement training for 70 years! We enjoyed exercising along to music!
We also completed another section of our ‘Coin a Phrase’ quiz.
During the afternoon we did some scrapbooking and we received our first COVID vaccine inoculations.

Some ‘Medau Society’ inspired chair-based exercises.

Edith, Beatrice, Irene, Tess, Elwyn and others participating.

Elisabeth enjoyed a word search.

Len and Peter worked on their scrapbooks and enjoyed reminiscing about past activities.

Tessa enjoyed recalling all the wonderful pictures she had created!

On 31st. December New Year’s Eve we enjoyed a piano sing-a-long with our very own Peter and even played along with instruments.

Beatrice played the tambourine!

Peter played for us on New Year’s Eve!

On Friday 1st. January 2021 we started the New Year off energetically by doing our chair-based exercises. This was followed by an interesting discussion about New Years traditions in other parts of the world. Everything from eating 12 grapes (1 for each month) at Midnight in Spain, to throwing white flowers into the see in Brazil, hanging onions on your front door in Greece, to wearing red underwear in Italy and even smashing plates and glass in Denmark for good luck!

Irene and Margaret.

Pat, Beatrice and Len do leg exercises perfectly synchronised!

Some strange New Years traditions around the world!

Iris and Len sample grapes as we talk about the Spanish New Years tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight before the twelfth chime!
We also enjoyed Musical Bingo with chocolate prizes!

Sylvia and Pat confer during musical bingo.
On Saturday 2nd. January we did our chair-based exercises during the morning and then enjoyed the challenge of the Giant Crossword during the afternoon.

On Sunday 3rd. January we enjoyed a New year’s concert on TV and then during the afternoon some of us enjoyed reminiscing about past events and worked on our scrapbooks.

Beryl busy looking at her scrapbook of memories.

Len, Kath T and Mary reminisced.

Angela, Elwyn and Arthur worked on their scrapbooks.

Woodlands Craft Resource Appeal
Finally, please, please could I ask that if you have any old Christmas cards or Christmas wrapping paper you are about to dispose of please don’t as we can use it as we can use it for seasonal crafts this year.
Also any old floral/love/greetings cards, paper or wrap, that are pink/red or with pink/red flowers/hearts, or even pink/red fabric scraps I could use for Valentine’s craft?
To be honest I’m looking for all old greetings cards you may want to throw out!
Please drop off or bring when you come for a visit!

Many thanks in advance Sally-Anne!