The snow arrived at Hillbrow!

Geoff having a giggle in the dining room.

Tony concentrating during a quiz.

Ann enjoying breakfast with a snowy outlook!

Pearl loved watching the snow from her cosy arm chair in her room.

Little Hillbrow snowball snowman even came indoors!

Joy and Ann loved him!

Very snowy scenes at Hillbrow!

Colour themed quiz in January.


Dorothy, Ann and Colin during an arts and social afternoon.

Ann and Tony were both very pleased with their finished art pieces!

Dorothy’s very colourful design!

Later ‘Cheeky’ the cat found a very cosy bed on Dorothy’s lap!

Residents tried some new exercises with Sally-Anne and did really well!

Colin enjoyed the leg exercises!

Tony and Elizabeth had a go at the new exercises.
Ann, Dorothy and Colin enjoyed ball games.

Residents also enjoyed a picture quiz about famous sports people.

Tony, Colin and Dorothy enjoyed the quiz.

Ann and Dorothy partcipated.

Joy joined in too.