On Wednesday 13th. January our lovely Beryl celebrated her 90th. Birthday with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, chocolates, some new clothes and lots of Birthday cards from her family!

Kath enjoyed looking at a selection of houseplants in her room as it was National House Plant week and also helped arrange the fresh flowers.

Pat wrapped up warm took a walk on a cold day and found the first snowdrops of Spring blooming in the Woodlands garden!

Pat enjoying fresh air on a bright but cold day

Len, Kath and Sylvia also enjoyed being out in the fresh air!

Diane and Edith enjoyed playing the apple box ball game in their room.

Mary and George took their turn.

Mary had a giggle over some funny poetry!

Len played the apple box game too.

Kath and Tess did chair based exercises, ball games and quoits.

Tess coloured a pretty Scottish dancer for Burns Night

Pat and Diane braved the snow for a Winter walk!

Pat and Kath went out again for walks, the snow was retreating but it was still very cold!

Peter, enjoyed playing quoits and dong a word search, whilst Iris played quoits too.

Evelyn and
Tess did chair based exercises!

Tess also enjoyed some colour therapy.

Kath and Sylvia both enjoyed walks in the garden

We enjoyed doing our chair-based exercises

Sylvia, Diane, Pat and Beatrice enthusiastically participated.

We celebrated all things Australian on Australia Day on 26th. January. Daphne has visited Australia no less than 7 times and Beatrice recalled a special anniversary trip there.

We also enjoyed an Australian wordsearch and ‘Wordwheel’

Peter with picture of the red kangaroo Australia’s national animal.
We enjoyed skittles and flower arranging on Thursday 28th. January.

Diane, Beryl, Kath and Pat play skittles.
Peter had a go as Tess and Mary looked on.

Pat arranging the flowers.

Diane, Pat and Kath.

Angela and Patricia busy with the flowers too.

On Friday 29th. January we did our chair based exercises and during the afternoon we enjoyed an afternoon of puzzles and scrabble in acknowledgement of National Puzzle Day.

Patricia, Diane and Iris doing puzzles.

Peter and Len.

Sylvia and Mary did 3 puzzles!

Irene played scrabble.

Irene, Kath, Beatrice and Pat.
On Saturday 30th. January we did our chair based exercises and then enjoyed a Scottish dance demonstration by Mackenzie and a lively piano sing-a-long with Louis.

Elwyn enjoyed the exercises!

Mackenzie does the Highland Fling!

Residents enjoying the piano sing-a-long with Louis.
During the afternoon we did the Giant Crossword and a ‘Weather words’ word search.

On Sunday 31st. January we did our chair-based exercises followed by a quiz all about favourite houseplants.

During the afternoon some of us went for a brisk walk in the garden and then we planted out 9 house plants for us to care for and enjoy as the year progresses.

Sylvia, Len and Kath!

The ‘Green Fingers Club!’

Tess plants her ‘Peace Lily’