On Monday 1st. February it was National Dignity Day 2021 a day where we acknowledged the importance of dignity in care and discussed what dignity means for our residents.

This included making some hearts with residents thoughts about dignity for a ‘Digni-tree’ during discussion over the course of the day and also sharing some special ‘Dignity’ poetry with the residents.

Dignity in Care Day 20201 and our ‘Digni-Tree’ takes shape with our residents’ thoughts.

We managed a very creditable 106 words with our ‘Dignity In Care’ word search.

We also started the monthly energetically with our exercises!

Sylvia ‘swims’ during the exercises.

Tess, Pat, Kath, Diane and Elwyn.

We also enjoyed a little pre-lunch tipple- Cheers Pat!

On Tuesday 2nd. February we enjoyed a balloon bounce and ball games as well as an Old proverb quiz.

Kath M. enjoyed the game!

Beatrice, Pat and Irene had a go.

Elwyn and Mary had fun!

Brian and June played.


Joan and Diane.


Harry enjoyed the game too.
‘Old Proverbs’ Quiz


On Wednesday 3rd. February we did chair based exercises to music and then a ‘1,2,3’ quiz.
(some of which is shown below)

During the afternoon we completed the Giant Crossword challenge.

Residents enjoy the group Giant Crossword.

On Thursday 4th. February we did three physical activities our exercises, quoits and the apple box ball game…Phew!

Diane, Kath T, Pat, Beatrice and Beryl all doing a range arm exercises.


Harry who went on to win the combined quoits/apple box game competition.

Kath M takes her turn!

Beatrice came second overall! – Elwyn took his turn.

The scores! and ‘Hangman’ game.

During the afternoon we arranged 7 vases of beautiful fresh flowers.
Mary as her floral display takes shape.

Beryl busy with the blooms.


Iris loved the flowers.

Thursdays’ florists: Kath, Iris, Mary and Kath.

Tess with her finished vase!

Kath M and Diane with their vases!

Evelyn did her own vase in her room.


On Friday 5th. February in the morning we did the Medau rhythmic exercises to music and then enjoyed our ever popular ‘To coin a Phrase’ quiz. Some of us enjoyed the fresh but cold air during a walk in the garden and enjoyed spotting the Spring bulbs.

During the afternoon we had a lively sing-a-long helped along with a glass of wine, or sherry as preferred!

Diane, Pat, Beatrice and others doing the Medau routines.


Rhythmic exercises for all!

Irene waves from her new room at the residents enjoying a Winter walk.

Pat, Kath T, Beatrice, Len and Sylvia wrapped up warm enjoyed the crisp Winter air.

Admiring the first Spring blooms.

Residents enjoyed seeing the hellebore, snowdrops and crocuses blooming in the garden.


Pat and Kath. T singing along.


Brian and Len really enjoyed the afternoon sing-a-long!

Mary, Irene, Iris and Angela sang along!

On Saturday 6th. February we enjoyed a lively balloon bounce and Louis played piano for us and we sang along. During the afternoon we enjoyed board games.

Balloon bounce with residents.

On Sunday 7th. February we had a skittles challenge during the morning and then enjoyed ‘Oliver Twist’ with popcorn during our Film Club afternoon.