On Monday 8th. February we enjoyed our chair-based exercises followed by a Winter ‘What Am I quiz and ‘Winter Mix’ Anagram challenge.

Beryl always an enthusiastic participant!

Arm exercises with Kath T, Iris, Sylvia, Diane, Pat, Joan ,Elwyn and Tess!

‘Fistycuff’ exercises with Len and Irene!

Winter themed quizzes.

Tess also had fun with the punch balloon!

Brian and Joan had a nice chat together!

During the afternoon as snowflakes were gently falling outside we enjoyed listening to some classic Winter themed poetry. After this we looked at Winter scenes and enjoyed reminiscing about childhood Winter memories to create our own poem which we entitled ‘Woodlands Winter Memories.’

This picture reminded Arthur of snowy Winters in Yorkshire where he grew up!

Beatrice grew up in Coseley, Staffs and remembers getting chilblains from the village school desk it was cold!

See our finished Poem below with personal Winter memories from many of our residents!

Written mainly with memories from Beatrice, Kath. T, Arthur, Pat, Diane, Len, Elwyn, and Sylvia

Creative poetry writing reminiscence.

On Tuesday 9th, we enjoyed an unexpected visit from Alison with her beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback dog ‘Poppy’ who we loved petting!

Diane who loves dogs was very taken with ‘Poppy.’

We also enjoyed Medau rhythmic exercises to music and a word search.

Irene tries hand exercises.

Mary loves the chair-based routines.

Elwyn and Diane worked hard at the exercises.

Mariel had a real giggle as we sang ‘Lambeth walk’ and did the exercises!


During the afternoon we enjoyed Valentine’s art and crafts and colour therapy.
Some of us also worked on and reminisced with our scrapbooks.

Tess working on a Valentines picture.

Diane pastes pictures in her scrapbook.

Sylvia trims photos for her scrapbook.

Pat looks back at everything she’s done since she moved here!

Sylvia starts work on a Valentine’s decoration using donated wool.

On Wednesday 10th. February the chiropodist visited for his monthly clinic.

Then during the afternoon we enjoyed a word wheel quiz.

Pat successfully guessed the 9 letter word as ‘Valentine!’

We also finished our Valentines decoration which we then tried for size for doing ‘Selfies!’

Pat and Diane help finish the decoration.

Pat tries it out!

‘Be my Valentine! ‘ Says Elwyn

On Thursday 11th. February we enjoyed flower arranging during the morning and a quiz during the afternoon.


On Friday 12th. February we celebrated Chinese New Year.

The day started with a lively ball game!

Joan and Irene had fun!

Edith enjoyed the ball game too.

This was followed by an interesting talk about Chinese New Year where residents learnt the animal of their birth year according to the Chinese Calendar. They also had their names written in ‘Good’ characters of the Chinese alphabet.
Pat was born in the year of the Ox, which also the animal for 2021!



Elwyn and Irene.

We enjoyed a Chinese lunch.


During the afternoon we tried our hand at using chopsticks and we all managed to pick up prawn crackers successfully!

We enjoyed making some colourful Chines dragons during arts and crafts. We also watched on TV some dragon dances during Chines new year celebrations.

Pat who has visited China was very good with the chopsticks!

Kath had a go!


Elwyn and Mary try the chopstick challenge!

Tess colouring in a Chinese dragon.

Pat and Len get creative!

Finished dragon!

Tess and her colourful dragon!

Evelyn and Sylvia with their Chinese names.



Beatrice and Eileen.


On Saturday 13th. February during the morning we enjoyed a cheery piano sing-a-long with Louis. It was a ‘Love’ theme as it was almost ‘Valentines’ Day!’

Irene and Iris love the sing-a-longs!

Helping Joan enjoy the sing-a-long!

Tess getting in the Valentine spirit!



During the afternoon we celebrated ‘World Radio Day’ with an auditory reminiscence walk down radio memory lane. We listened to 18 different themes from classic radio shows and learnt a little of their history. We enjoyed it so much we clapped our appreciation afterwards!

Brian remembered ‘Tommy Handley’ and Len used to listen to ‘Dick Barton Special Agent.’

Kath listened to ‘Music While You Work’ when she was an engineer and Kath T. loved the Archers!



Brian was very interested in the old radio shows and said they were ‘Good old days!’

On Sunday 14th. February love was definitely in the air at Woodlands. Residents enjoyed pink prosecco tipples and Valentines’ treats from ‘Cupids Treat’ trolley. Treats included gorgeous homemade pink iced cupcakes, chocolate truffles and pink chocolate hearts, ‘Love heart sweets and heart jammy dodgers.

Additionally every single resident received a beautiful long-stemmed rose representing the love and care all Woodlands staff have for our ladies and gentleman. Residents were overjoyed to receive them!

‘Cupids’ Treat’ Trolley!

Sylvia receives her rose and Cupid’s treat bag.

Beryl, Harry, Eileen and George very touched with their roses and treats.


Angela, Arthur, Muriel and Kath M.

Brian and Beatrice.

Daphne very pleased with her rose.

Iris and Irene!

Elwyn and Tess

Diane and Pat enjoy prosecco and cupcakes!

Famous Couples Quiz